2013 Senior PGA Championship


Q. Talk about the round today.

SONNY SKINNER: Well, you know, I didn't really have it. I hit the ball decent early, couldn't make a putt. Of course I made a bogey on 6 and then I hit it close on a couple of holes and didn't make it.

I kept trying to scramble, but ... and I hit it fairly close on 10, 11 and 12 ... but then I started 3 putting. I had some difficult putts with some big slopes and I didn't judge the speed right and didn't make the 10 footers, 8 footers that I had left.

And of course I bogeyed 16.

But I finished really nicely, after hitting a terrible tee shot on 17 to make a birdie.

I played 18 pretty good, but not good enough.

Q. How disappointed were you to get that close to the low club pro title?

SONNY SKINNER: Well, you would always like to shoot as low as you can. I'm not terribly disappointed about that though, to be honest with you. The guys that are tied for it are extremely deserving and good friends of mine and I'm happy for them.

We all fought hard, we all had to play 72 holes, I tried just as hard as they did, they just outed me by one. But I'm not too disappointed in that.

Q. Overall, how has this experience been for the entire week?

SONNY SKINNER: It's been great experience.

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