2013 Senior PGA Championship



Q. Do you want to talk a little bit about your front nine today. Your birdies on 4, 7 and 8.

TOM KITE: Yeah, it was very up and down all day today. A lot of birdies and a lot of bogeys. Ended up shooting even par and not very consistent golf. I've been playing much better than I did today and it was disappointing to struggle as much as I did out there.

Some good shots every now and then, but way too many bogeys out there to say the least.

Q. Enjoy playing 18 with Peter today?

TOM KITE: Yeah, oh, Pete's always fun to play with. We always have a good time. And he didn't play much better than I did. We both struggled out there. And it's always fun to be with him, but it's surely a lot more fun when you're both hitting on all cylinders.

Q. How was the experience this week at this Major?

TOM KITE: It was good. The golf course is good. It's certainly different than it was at the Senior Open a few years ago in 2004. They changed the golf course a lot and I guess there's some opinions as to whether it's good or bad. The greens are certainly a lot more undulating and penal than they used to be.


Q. Talk about your day a little. I know you finished 1 over.

PETER JACOBSEN: I didn't play very well today. I played good all week, but today I was just off a bit. I scrambled real well. Middle of the round I had some good up and downs. I hit some good shots, but overall disappointed 1 over.

Q. You made a ton of pars. Nothing you could get going?

PETER JACOBSEN: Yeah, every time I hit a green I had it 15, 20 feet for  and I missed it. And then the other ones I got it up and down for par.

So it was just one of those blah days.

Q. Obviously you probably have fond memories of Bellerive from 2004. What will you remember from this week?

PETER JACOBSEN: Well, I'll remember what a great job the club did for all of us, tremendous club here at Bellerive. The clubhouse service was great, the golf course was in immaculate condition. Congratulations to, I think it's John Cunningham and his staff here at Bellerive.

But it's just great. Great being back in St. Louis and great being back at Bellerive.

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