2013 senior pga

Quick Quotes from TOM KITE and MARK O'MEARA


Q. Talk a little bit about your round today.  I know at one point you made 14 straight pars. 

TOM KITE:  Yeah, it was kind of one of those good rounds, but disappointing rounds.  I really played well and I was not able to get any putts in.  I only made two birdies all day, on 2 and 17.  And both of those were inside four feet. 

Really hit some nice iron shots out there and it's kind of hard to complain with an under par score, but it could have been a low one today. 

Q.  What effect did this rain kind of have on the golf course?

TOM KITE:  Not much.  It's a hair softer, but not much at all.  It didn't rain that hard or it certainly didn't rain that long.

Q.  Did you notice catching any mud balls out there?

TOM KITE:  I didn't, no.  No, I hit    we played three holes and I didn't have any mud on the ball at all.


Q. Talk about the birdie on 18. 

MARK O'MEARA:  It was a nice way to finish.  Obviously I was fortunate I hit a good drive in the fairway and Shane, I had like 180 or something, but it was a little downwind and I was thinking between six and seven and he felt like a big seven, because it looked short. 

Fortunately, I hit a good solid shot and left it about 18 feet left of the hole and ran that putt in.  So that was a nice way to finish. 

I made about a 12 footer for birdie on 14 after the delay having to go out.  And that was my first actual shot was a putt.  And I made that. 

So overall 3 under was a good score.  I played better today, I didn't play great, but I played better.  I had some opportunities that I missed, but it's never bad shooting 3 under on a course like this.

Q.  How do you feel going into tomorrow?

MARK O'MEARA:  The way I felt, the last month I've been battling a little bit of a virus or I don't know what I've had, but it's been kind of a drag, and I haven't felt really up to snuff with my health this week.  But hopefully tomorrow I'll feel a little bit better and I can get out there and play a good solid round and see what happens. 

Q.  Did the rain have any impact on the last couple holes?

MARK O'MEARA:  Not really.  No.  It didn't get enough rain really to make that big a difference.

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