2013 Senior PGA Championship


Q. How did you play from start to finish today?

TOM PERNICE, JR.: Not as good as I had the first two days. First two days, I hit the ball beautifully, just didn't hole a lot of putts.

Today it was some good shots, a few loose shots, but I made a bogey on the par 3, that was my only bogey today. So that was fine to  but I only had three birdies. But all in all, any time you shoot under par, it's not going to hurt you.

Q. Talk about that stretch where 12 holes you had 11 pars and a birdie. You must have been hitting the ball well in that stretch.

TOM PERNICE, JR.: Not always. Sometimes pretty good shots. Had to make a couple good saves at times. And I started off hitting the ball a little bit better and then had to get up and down for par at 16, the par 3. I hit it in the front bunker. So, but I hit a good bunker shot out about four feet. So it was a good save.

And I had good birdie chances at 15, just didn't make it.

14, I hit the flag. It looked like it was flying in, it hit the flag and went all the way off the green. So a bit unlucky there, but that happens.

And I had a good birdie chance at 16, the par 3 and just lipped it out.

So, obviously looking to do a little bit more as far back as I was starting the day, but I hung in there and got a couple under, so still have a shot tomorrow, if they don't go too low today.

Q. How do you feel going into Sunday?

TOM PERNICE, JR.: Depends. We'll see how far back we are. But if the wind gets back up like it was when we started this morning, if the leaders don't run away, you always have a chance. But just have to wait and see.



Q. (Inaudible.)

MICHAEL ALLEN: Probably. That was amazing. I mean, it's been the whole week, I get under par and start doing something decent and then I turn around and give them back. Very frustrating.

Q. Do you look back at where you are and think about where you could be?

MICHAEL ALLEN: Yeah, because I had two doubles early, fought back, got it a few under par, and then just kind of hit it a little right there and the wind got it and blew it out of bounds. But that was kind of a real blow to the gut there. That was a tough one to swallow.

Q. How do you assess how you played this week? Terribly disappointed?

MICHAEL ALLEN: Well, I'm sure not happy. I come here, I want to be competing for the title. I want to have a chance to win. That's why I'm here.

I'm here because it's fun, I love competing, but I'm here to try to win this golf tournament, because that's what's really a lot of fun.

So this has been a very frustrating week. I did a lot of good things, but I'm not doing everything well, obviously.

Q. It's a wet golf course, does that tend to probably put a little more space between you and people above you.

MICHAEL ALLEN: Yeah, and the course has held up pretty well with the rain overall. I've really been surprised. Especially Thursday, it actually has played pretty dry. But this rain I don't think is going to hurt the course too much. I don't think they will get too many mud balls.

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