South Carolina Tourism - Hole 10

Hole 10, Dream 18

No., 2 at Charleston National
– Scott Rosenthal, Director of Golf – Charleston National

South Carolina is widely renowned as a golf mecca, and with the tremendous number of courses in our state that are among the best in the country, we are honored and excited to be a part of the South Carolina Dream 18.

Many courses have a definitive signature hole, one that defines and typifies that vision of the architect and course managers. We are fortunate to have three or four holes that often elicit great debate among our staff and visitors as to what is the best hole at Charleston National. It’s a great problem to have, I have to admit. But those that chose the Dream 18 came to us and wanted to feature our 2nd hole. Hey, who am I to argue?

Our hole no. 2 is a par 3. But it’s not just any par 3, it’s a breathtaking one. From a fairly benign 115 yards from our member tees or as long as 170 yards from the tips, it will offer you all the challenge you could want with one swing of the club. But distance here isn’t your biggest hurdle, far from it.

The green is essentially an island green, a deceptive and dangerous island at that. The natural marshland that surrounds the green may look beautiful from the tee box, but it’s not quite as well received when it swallows your golf ball. Trust me, we fish a LOT of golf balls out of there each week.

You have room to miss on this shot to the left and right, it’s a pretty wide green – but you still need the right club in your hand. Despite a small bailout area in the front, there is no other room to miss short or behind – and it’s a pretty shallow target at that.

Now, as you select a club, don’t look at the flag. Why? Because the trees behind the green shield it from the wind, so it does not give a true indication of the strength of the ever-present breeze. But I promise you, once your ball clears the tree line, you’ll know quickly how strong that wind is blowing.

So the beauty of the hole is obvious, an island green surrounded by one of Charleston’s scenic marshland areas. The challenge is intense. And most importantly, the enjoyment is huge.

It’s the second hole, it sets your expectations high for the rest of the day. I hope it sets them high for your score – but it will certainly do so for the rest of the course. And we’re proud to say, if you come try us once, you’ll agree.