South Carolina Tourism - Hole 15

Hole 15, Dream 18

No., 10, Robert Trent Jones Ocean Course at Palmetto Dunes Resort
– By Brad Marra, Director of Golf

Did you know that there are only two golf holes on Hilton Head Island that actually go right up to the ocean? It's true, and one of them also happens to be one of the most interesting and challenging par fives in the state. Of course, I'm referring to our own tenth hole at the Robert Trent Jones Ocean Course here at Palmetto Dunes Resort.

If you ever look at this hole on paper, it quite frankly, doesn't seem overly special. It's a simple 550 yard par vie that plays mostly flat, mostly straight and there doesn't seem to be too much trouble on the hole, at least, not until you get up near the green.

But therein lies the rub, you won't get to play this hole on paper. In fact, when you actually arrive at the hole, you'll see it's not only quite the challenge, it's also quite the different hole every time you play.

Robert Trent Jones Ocean Course at Palmetto Dunes Resort, Hole 10 That's because of the one constant you will find on this hole: Wind. The ocean breeze is sometimes with you, sometimes against you and sometimes blowing in seemingly all directions. If it's behind you, longer hitters will have a chance to reach this green in two shots. If it's against you, you may have trouble reaching it in four. And if it's blowing in any other direction, the fairway bunkers that seemed more decorative than punitive, well, they're all in play now – not to mention the bunkers that surround the green.

Once you reach the elevated green complex, the slopes and breaks on the putting surface will give you ample challenge. But the panoramic view of the Atlantic should make up for any trouble you have reading your putt.

So as I tell the guests who visit anxious to play the Ocean Course here, "I have no idea what type of hole you'll encounter today." It may be fierce, it may be a pushover. But I can promise you this: It will provide you plenty of views and memories that will linger long after your score on the day fades into your golf scrapbook. And that's how I define a special golf hole. Come visit and make a great memory for yourself.