South Carolina Tourism - Hole 17

Hole 17, Dream 18

No., 9 at RiverTowne Country Club
– Ray Garbiras, General Manager

Defining a great golf hole is like defining the term beauty, you're going to have an endless number of subjective opinions on it and it's almost always in the eye of the beholder. But certain criteria almost always runs universal. It should be scenic, it should offer risk and reward and should offer multiple options to play the hole well to different levels of golfers.

Here at RiverTowne Country Club, we have that hole. Actually, we should point out we have 18 of those holes, but one in particular stands out as truly special. Our Hole No. 9 is the ideal signature hole for us and to represent us on such a great list as The Dream 18 of South Carolina.

When you step on the tee box, you're going to see a great deal of water and bunkers. Part of a great design is the challenge you get visually. And from what you see, you're already feeling a little pressure to keep your tee shot out of trouble. But if you keep your wits about you, you'll actually find there is plenty of room for your drive - and that's a good thing, because from the tips, this par five can play up to 562 yards.

That's not to say that longer hitters can't reach this green in two. A well-placed drive, over a marshland area and avoiding the o.b. on the left and the marsh on the right, can - with a little helping breeze - travel as far as 328 yards before it runs out of fairway (and the hazard that bisects the hole comes into play). Up near that hazard line you can have as little as 220 yards to reach the green. We see many players here attempt to do just that. But be warned, it's not just hitting a solid 3 wood to reach the green. There is a small pond that sits just short and right of the green, marshland that runs up the left side and more trouble behind the hole.

Those who choose to play more strategic golf should be careful to avoid the fairway bunkers about 100 yards out from the green and find a good angle to attack the pin depending on where it is placed that day.

It should be noted, this hole is not easy. Even as a par five, and certainly a scoring opportunity for many players, there is no easy shot on the hole. It carries our number 1 handicap rating for a reason. But it is exceedingly fair, immaculately maintained and beautiful to see. Of course, the person who designed the hole (and the entire RiverTowne golf course) knew a thing or two about great golf holes. It was Arnold Palmer, The King, and I know he'll be excited and appreciative - as we all are - that RiverTowne has been selected to be on this list.

And while it's certainly a great honor, it's not a surprise. The locals, the members and many of our guests tell us this all the time. "That's a great hole you have there at number nine." We could go on and on in telling you why, but even more, we'd love for you to come find out for yourself. Thank you and hope to see you here soon.