1 Cart. 2 Aces.

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Actuaries estimate that the odds of getting a hole in one are 12,500 to 1... so the probability of two people riding in the same cart getting an ace on the same day must be quite a bit higher than that!
But that's exactly what happened on August 28, 2020, at Butterfield Country Club, a storied club just west of Chicago in Oak Brook, Illinois. Long-time golf buddies Dave Pack and Jeff Wilson gave their foursome (... and nearby friends in the area) plenty to celebrate when they hit shots of a lifetime in the same round.
Pack's ace came first. Gently nestled between a 7 and a 6 on the scorecard, Pack's big "1" on the 6th Hole of the Blue Course was the result of a towering, uphill iron shot that traveled over 170 yards in the air before landing softly, following the contours of the Steve Smyers-shaped green complex and falling into the cup.
Wilson's ace came just 90 minutes later on the 5th Hole of the Red Course, a scenic par 3 over water. Struck perfectly, Wilson's high spinning short-iron pierced through a prevailing wind before it hit the green and found the bottom of the cup.
Early reports from the course indicated that there was a spirited debate on which shot was sweeter- but all were in agreement that Wilson's belly flop off the high dive several hours after the round was the ultimate culmination to an epic day.
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