Build your beginning golf game

By Jack Dillon
Published on

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Maybe a member of your family plays. Maybe your co-workers play a quick nine holes after work. Maybe you have watched golf on TV for years. Maybe you’re looking for an activity to play with your kids. Maybe you just want to spend some time outdoors, engaged in healthy activity. Now it’s time to take that interest and turn it into a desire to play. You want to play golf!
Beginning anything new can be scary. Picking up golf might seem daunting and intimidating – but trust me – it isn’t! As this is the game of a lifetime you have got plenty of time to improve. With a few tips, you can start the journey today and quickly get comfortable with the sport. By creating a plan to play, your game will be under construction as you develop a swing, relationships and a sense of accomplishment.
Here are 7 basic pointers to think about as you get started:
  1. Who has a teaching schedule that fits your schedule. Learning the game takes time, and schedules that work Find family members or friends to play the game with, who can help you work through the start-up process. Ask them to join you at the course for your first experience – and seek out the PGA or LPGA Professional once there! The golf professional will make you feel welcome and comfortable in just minutes.
  2. PGA and LPGA Professionals are great sources of information — and coaching! Locate a PGA/LPGA Pro together are important.
    You don’t need to buy golf clubs right away. You can typically take several introductory lessons (like Get Golf Ready) before needing to buy clubs. Once you know what the game is like and can gauge your future involvement, then it’s time to buy. Once you are ready, work with your Professional on finding the equipment that works for you.
  3. Budget time and dollars for practice as well as play. Practicing between lessons is an important part of learning. Ask your Professional if there is a way to save money on practice balls, so you can spend valuable time from the start on building your swing.
  4. Get out to play at least 9 holes, as often as you can. Some people really enjoy the driving range, but for others, the course is where the fun is! Don’t be afraid to get out there and give it a go. You are only competing against yourself.
  5. Create a one-year goal list with your Professional. You know your life schedule, as well as the desire you have to learn the game. Work with your Pro to develop realistic one-year goals
  6. Although the rule in golf is a 14-club limit, work to develop self-confidence as your 15th club. Having a good feeling each time you hit the range or the course will create a better attitude for you.
  7. Remember that golf is a game. No matter the numbers on your card, enjoy the day, the partners, and your surroundings. Golf is a game of a lifetime. Begin today to make it a part of your life. Have a blast!