Demo Day Finds: Practicing Patience on the Range

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The design of the PGA’s Demo Day just makes so much sense. Golf products being displayed around a giant practice area. As coaches and consumers survey the landscape some of the conversations inspire us to do more than buy. As players test out the latest and greatest sometimes the conversations are as important as the innovations.
Lagshot ( is a practice company. They create products for all ages and swing types. Their training aid line specializes in teaching you two of the most important lessons you can learn on a practice range, timing, and patience. In speaking with one of their representatives who is also a PGA Coach, we quickly learned this tool makes a difference in the way golfers approach their game.
At first glance it looks like a golf club. Then once you pick it up, you immediately notice the
shaft is very flexible. The lightweight bendy nature of the club just makes you want to swing.
Attendees were addicted to trying the training aid. Once they do, they were hooked and
couldn’t walk away until they struck a successful shot. Getting back to the coaching conversation, what makes the Lagshot club so impactful is that it teaches you timing. Not timing in a sense of when to release your wrists or manipulate the club. Rather swinging the equipment and matching it to the movement of your body. You cannot rush with a shaft this light and flexible. It forces you to control your swing in a macro manner.
Taking a lesson is vital to success in golf, but you cannot take one every day. We all need to spend a little alone time on the practice range. Watching the golfers receive such valuable feedback was cool. After each swing they were able to adjust where needed and improve. Practice time should teach you something about your game. Hitting balls in repetition is not only good to build swing memory, but it also allows us to understand what makes our move successful.
The second key coming from the use of this innovative aid was patience. The golf swing is one complete move. When we don’t swing from start to finish, the ball goes awry. That willingness to align the tool and your body tempo only comes through some significant independent range feedback. Learning to pay attention to the nuances of your swing can be very powerful when it comes to improving your performance.
All the attendees are having fun walking the range at Orange County National today. Experimenting in golf is entertaining and fun! Training aids like this one are great, but even more impactful at times is learning from the experience of using them.