Fairway Tales: How Isabelle Shee Turned Burnout into Passion

By Carly Grenfell
Published on

It may have taken Isabelle Shee a few times to figure out where she belonged in the golf industry, but the persistence and positive attitude to get there proved worth it. After playing college golf at UC Riverside and later transferring to the University of Nevada Las Vegas, Shee discovered playing professionally wasn't going to be the path for her.
On the verge of burnout and still experiencing some uncertainty about her future, Isabelle Shee began to find her niche as a golf social media influencer. She was able to work with some of her best friends and still feel like she was making a difference in the golf industry. But over time, this journey evolved into something bigger and better.
Shee learned that her path was going to be entrepreneurship and spreading positivity through the game of golf. It was something that excited her more than any other venture she had dabbled in up to that point. Eventually, Isabelle Shee launched her own business - Is.Golf, which is the world’s first planet friendly performance sock made with recycled plastic and coffee. Although Shee isn’t playing golf competitively or as often as she used to, this idea actually dates back to her junior golf days where she became known as the “sock girl.” What started as sun protection turned into fashion.
One of Shee’s favorite quotes is “you will be surprised at how perfectly things fall into place when you let go of the illusion of control.” There was a lot she didn’t know about starting a business or about what life would look like today, but in staying true to herself, was able to bring her vision to life. You can learn more about Isabelle and her company on Instagram or check out her website.