Master the Course

Getting Fit for your Putter

By John Crumbley
Published on

The great thing about putting is -- anyone can do it! You may not hit like the pros, but anyone that can stand up has the ability to sink a ten foot putt. So what I find so intriguing (and frustrating as a coach) is that so many players, despite the fact that 40 percent of your score is made on the green, spend the least amount of time and money considering this vital piece of equipment.
Consider your height, not just the “standard” putter length
Virtually every Tour player is fit to their putter. But almost no amateur players do that! The average height of a PGA Tour player today is 6' and he uses a 33.5 inch putter on average. You guys are using a 35 inch putter on average because that is the "standard" putter. A properly fit putter will allow you to set up with your hips over your ankles, your hands under your shoulders with a little bend in the elbows and your eyes over the ball.
Is your putter giving you the best odds of hitting a good shot?
Unless you're 6'2" or more, then your 35 inch putter will not allow you to set up correctly and will not give you the best chance to make a good stroke. And just cutting down your putter will not work because it will then be too light. The head weight must increase as the club gets shorter to keep the swing weight in balance. The answer then is a custom fit putter.
A custom putter could make all the difference
Only a few companies are offering true custom putters that are fit to the player by a PGA Professional. Talk to your PGA Professional about getting a custom fit putter or search online for a PGA Professional in your area who fits and sells custom putters.
Once a player is put in a proper setup with a putter that fits, the stroke will improve without much work or over thinking. On the other hand, all the coaching in the world will not help if the putter won't let you make a good stroke because it does not fit.