Getting Involved with Collegiate Club Golf

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Did you know that anyone can play college golf? The National Collegiate Club Golf Association (NCCGA) supports non-varsity golfers at over 400 colleges and universities nationwide.
Getting signed up to play is easy, you can either request to join the team if your school already has one, sign up and play as an individual, or utilize the NCCGA’s resources to start a new club golf team on campus. Club golf is competitive, yet relaxed and fun and scores range anywhere from 65-115.
Club golf is also co-ed and open to all active college students including graduate students. 3 tournaments take place in each region every semester, followed by a National Championship for the top clubs. Get involved with club golf today!
How the NCCGA is helping save college golf this fall
For golfers that have unfortunately seen their season disappear or postponed, the NCCGA has stepped in to provide playing opportunities to help out varsity athletes. The core mission of the NCCGA is to ensure any college-aged golfer can play golf. Typically this means at the non-varsity level, but given the circumstances in our world, college-aged golfers, no matter their skill level, need more playing opportunities and tournaments this fall.
How I started an NCCGA club golf team
Zach Van Dorn, an NCCGA Student Advisory Group member, gives a student’s perspective on how to start a club golf team on campus. He highlights working with campus recreation to receive funding and how to recruit players around campus.
How to start playing collegiate club golf
Outlines the possible ways to get involved with club golf. You can start your own club, join an existing club, or compete as an individual. Students can always contact the NCCGA staff for assistance as well.
What to expect at an NCCGA club golf tournament
The tournament experience for club golf is laid back, but also competitive. Players can expect tee gifts at every tournament and will meet students from other schools.