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Getting to the Green Podcast debuts with ESPN’s Michael Collins as First Guest

By Jay Coffin
Published on

The debut episode of the “Getting to the Green” podcast featuring ESPN’s Michael Collins dropped Wednesday, on the eve of the 2022 PGA Championship at Southern Hills Country Club.
Collins brings his own unique blend of humor and whit to his coverage of the game. Collins hosts “America’s Caddie” on ESPN+ and previously had a career in stand-up comedy.
“If a door opens, through a path that you weren’t expecting or might not be comfortable with,” Collins said on the debut episode. “Sometimes you have to say, ‘why not’ and go through that path.”
The bi-weekly podcast is hosted by Mackenzie Mack, PGA and presented by the PGA of America. Mack will interview interesting guests and uncover interesting stories from those who cover the game for a living as well as from those who play it and coach it.
Listen to the debut episode below and be on the lookout for more fun and engaging content.
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