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Justin Thomas: A Love for Golf That Began With His Father & Grandfather

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Most of the world knows Justin Thomas as the two-time PGA Champion and professional golf star. His passion for the game is on display on the world's biggest stages, from major championships to the Ryder Cup, and he brings a buzzy energy to golf every time he tees it up.
What people might not know, however, is how Thomas' golf roots runs deep. Actually, generationally deep, with two PGA of America Golf Professionals helping him forge a love golf that people see today.
Justin Thomas with his late grandfather, Paul Thomas.
Justin Thomas with his late grandfather, Paul Thomas.
His father Mike and late grandfather Paul were both PGA of America Golf Professionals who shared their love for golf with Justin when he was growing up in Goshen, Kentucky. Between the rounds together, lessons in life and the game at Harmony Landing Country Club, and the sense of happiness that comes with being around family, there was no better environment for Justin Thomas to blossom.
And you'll hear that from the PGA Champion himself in the heartwarming clip below, where Thomas details just how important his father and grandfather were to him and his love for the game.