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The American Development Model (ADM) is the future of golf coaching.
ADM aims to maximize each athlete's potential by developing principles that create life-long golfers and athletes for generations.
Golf coaches create positive experiences early, for all athletes, keeping more players engaged and retained in the sport. The program introduces the right aspects of play during Junior Golf in a structure that is fun, engaging and progressively challenging, leading golfers through the stages of ADM before entering into higher levels of coaching and structured golf lessons.


"As a parent, I'm excited about ADM in golf because I believe this is a way to keep golf fun, yet prepare youth to advance to the next level."- Tra T - Parent
“My daughter's participation in a golf program that implemented the principles of ADM actually helped her grow as an athlete in the two other sports she also currently plays." -Natalie J - Parent
“I tell parents that it is ok to play multiple sports. I think it would be eye opening for parents to see this information.” - Kevin Weeks, PGA - Illinois Section
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