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The American Development Model (ADM) is the future of golf coaching.
ADM aims to maximize each athlete's potential by developing principles that create life-long golfers and athletes for generations.
Golf coaches create positive experiences early, for all athletes, keeping more players engaged and retained in the sport. The program introduces the right aspects of play during Junior Golf in a structure that is fun, engaging and progressively challenging, leading golfers through the stages of ADM before entering into higher levels of coaching and structured golf lessons.


“I received my ADM-Golf Certification just a few days ago. I am really excited about integrating Stages 2-3-4 into my OFGC PGA JL Program. This new approach is a game changer and I am excited to be on the ground floor.” - Jex H. Wilson, PGA Master Professional
“The American Development Model is a game-changer because it defies the notion of how kids used to learn. I took up golf at 6-years-old, so I’m drawing parallels to how my brother and I learned. We had it all wrong! I’ve shared with my friends with kids what I’ve learned through PGA.Coach, and that when they do get instruction for their kids, it needs to be with an ADM certified coach.” – Tony Chavez, PGA
“For the first time in the years since I’ve been a PGA Member, someone shifted the focus onto what should’ve been done all along. Focus on the people, rather than on technique.” – Tony Chavez, PGA
“When parents think their child is decent at golf, or prefers it because he or she is not a team sports player, it helps to have the ADM information to share. I tell them it has been proven that their child’s overall development is benefited by exposing them to different activities and sports.” – Mark Marshall, PGA
“If you haven’t done the ADM training, your kids are missing out. Not even just your kids, your players across the board. This game can be frustrating, but if you have better motor control patterns, it makes it a lot easier.” – Brian Phelps, PGA
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