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Make Golf a Lifetime Sport

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Phil Mickelson’s professional career started as an amateur. He won his first PGA Tour event in 1991 while still in college. Over the last 30 years competing, Phil has amassed 44 wins, 5 majors and an endless number of fans. Three decades is a long time to remain in major championship shape. Is there a secret to Phil’s physical fitness regimen?
To make golf a lifetime sport follow these straightforward examples and you can create some Mickelson magic on the course well into your golden years.
  • A Present Mind – Dr. Rick Sessinghaus, PGA spoke several times throughout PGA Championship week about how powerful the brain can be. Pay attention to your focus and make sure you keep a solid perspective on how old you are. Don’t lose track of what you’re capable of and stay within your physical limitations. Long term injuries or rehab setbacks stem from an unrealistic point of view.
  • Simple Stretching – PGA Coach Joanna Coe displayed on PGA Coaching Live a couple basic stretches we can all perform before every round. Don’t just stop there, players like Phil remain mobile every day. Take a moment each morning and evening moving a couple parts of your body. Keep those joints fluid and they will remain loose long into life.
  • Take on Technology – Modern PGA Professionals and their students have a much more complete understanding of the golf swing than ever before. Technology has allowed us to create better physical movements in the golf swing. Actions that allow us to play the game longer and more often.
  • Easy on the Equipment – A significant part of being a successful coach is making sure
    your player uses the correct equipment. Clubs vary in length, weight and flex. A great
    club-fitting session will prolong your game. The right equipment will promote less wear
    and tear on the body.
  • Nutrition Counts – Our culture knows more about what we eat than ever before. You
    can see the transformation players like Phil Mickelson have gone through over the
    years. When we watch Phil this week at the 103 rd PGA Championship, we see a physique reminiscent of a previous decade. Pay attention to your diet, it will make a huge difference in movement.
Phil’s swing has been fluid his whole career. He loves to mention hitting bombs, but in reality, he has been letting it go since his youth. This is the most important lesson we can all takeaway from this piece. If you feel pain in your game, seek help. Every swing you make should feel athletic and free. If it doesn’t, stop what you’re doing and consult a PGA Coach.
Following Phil’s example may not put your name at the top of the PGA Championship leaderboard like his, but it will allow you to accomplish two very important goals with your game. One, permit you to play long into your later years and two… have a tremendous amount of fun doing it! Just like Phil.