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PGA Coach Analysis on Daniel Berger's Ball Striking

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Daniel Berger enters the weekend at the 2020 PGA Championship at TPC Harding Park with a shot at his first major championship.
With back-to-back 67s in the opening two rounds, Berger has shown off his ball-striking ability and ranks among the top 10 in driving accuracy and driving distance.
We caught up with PGA Coach Mark Komives prior to the championship and he shared his thoughts on Berger's game & what amateur golfers could learn from watching him play.
His ball-striking is superior even with a swing that looks quite unique at first glance. Its effectiveness relies on a large amount of backswing rotation in the torso and hips, allowing Daniel to create tremendous depth with his hands going back. He uses this depth to change direction effectively in the downswing and deliver a shallow strike at impact. Look for Daniel to take advantage of his ball-striking prowess as he navigates the tight fairways and thick rough players must navigate to compete on Sunday. — PGA Coach Mark Komives
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