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PGA Facebook Debates: Would You Rather Make 18 Pars or 1 Hole in One?

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Golf is a lifetime journey and whether your a scratch golfer or a 17 handicap, there are plenty of moments that will keep bringing you back to the game.
Some golfers have racked up a handful of holes in one, while others have been playing the game for years and are still searching for their first. A hole in one is scored once in every 3,500 rounds.
But what about a round with 18-straight pars? The percentage of golfers who will break par in their career is 1/2 of 1%.
So we wanted to know... Which of these amazing feats would golfers rather pull off?
Check out some of the answers below and hope in the comments of the Facebook embed post at the bottom of the page to see all the comments. There are some pretty good arguments on both sides.
Luis Huerta said...
"18 straight. Consistent golf is better than a well-hit tee shot, but still requires luck to drop an ace!"
Brian Wetzel said...
"I've had both. One's are a better feeling, but 18 pars is probably better golf."
Charles Hanna said...
"Hole in one! I'm not on the PGA Tour so the hole in one would be a great accomplishment and maybe once in a lifetime event."
Matthew Hartfiel said...
"Ace by far — If you are an amateur, a hole in one is a much better story than an even-par round."
Aaron Leek said...
"Much rather a hole in one. While an even-par round is amazing for an amateur, that one perfect shot that makes you feel like a Tour Pro would be so much more memorable."
Katrina Oney said...
"I've had a hole in one, but probably never more than four pars in a row. I'd be happy to play consistently without doubles, triples or "others" on the card!"
Peter Theophelis said...
"One of the most asked questions among golfers is 'Have you ever had a hole in one?' I've never been asked 'Have you had 18-straight pars.' I'll take the ace."

Would you rather... Make 18 straight pars or 1 Hole in One in a round?

Posted by on Tuesday, September 1, 2020
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