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Turning a Passion for Golf into a Profession: We Love This Game

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“I love being outside and away from the world for a few hours.”
“[Golf] has made me the best version of myself.”
“I feel like I’ve been in a fantasy world for 30 years.”
“I get to connect with friends and embrace the challenge.”
“I love the positive impact it has on lives.”
“Golf brings people together.”
“I love seeing everyone enjoy the game their own way.”
There are so many reasons why PGA of America Golf Professionals got into the game, why they still love it to this day, and why they're so passionate about bringing that passion to people of all ages and backgrounds.
So we’ve been asking PGA Members from across the country to describe their journey in the game and why they’ve turned that passion into a career.
Check out their impactful responses…
Don Rea, PGA
Jaimie Pierson, PGA
Caitlyn Doyle, PGA
Rich Jones, PGA
Dr. Alison Curdt, PGA
Clay Myers, PGA
Vinnie Manginelli, PGA
Kate Drimel, PGA
Jane Blalock, PGA
Leah Im, PGA Student
Michael Block, PGA
Joanna Coe, PGA
Brendon Elliott, PGA
Mike Aldrich, PGA
Robb Wade, PGA
Tyler Arnold, PGA
Jaacob Bowden, PGA
Bryce Twente, PGA Associate
JoAnna Ehret, PGA
Justin Martin, PGA
Matt Frey, PGA
Hayden Lewis, PGA
Bridget Ackley, PGA
Sally Morgan, PGA
Jimmy Wisiniski, PGA
Barry Friedman, PGA
Paige Cribb, PGA
Luke Davis, PGA
Taylor Ross, PGA
Tom Shea, PGA
Abby Parsons, PGA
Nathan Dalton, PGA
Garrett Bernhardt, PGA