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Two Tips You Can Learn From U.S. Women's Open Sensation Asterisk Talley

By Brendon Elliott, PGA, & Ryan Adams, PGA
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If you didn't know the name Asterisk Talley entering this week . . . you certainly do now.
The 15-year-old was the youngest player in the field and one of four amateurs to make the cut at the U.S. Women's Open in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Talley eventually tied for Low Amateur honors after a brilliant first two days where at one point she was in a share for the lead!
It's fun to see young golfers perform on the biggest stages; you can't help but root for them. But there's also a lot we can learn from Asterisk when it comes to improving.
Take a look at the clip below for two highlights from the week: a chip and an an approach shot.
Here's a couple tips to replicate Asterisk's hole-out chip from Brendon Elliott, PGA:
  1. Look very closely at the terrain and contours on and around the green.
  2. Be precise in choosing your club and landing spot based on those contours.
  3. Commit to your spot and focus solely on hitting the ball to it.
And how about that approach shot that almost went in for eagle? Incredible stuff from the youngster. Here's another three keys on what to copy from Asterisk's approach:
  1. With 6-iron or longer play the ball of the logo on your shirt. 7-iron shorter, aligned with your shirt buttons
  2. The takeaway should be smooth, not rush. Notice how Asterisk generates her power by not going fast to start . . . but fast to finish.
  3. Your lower body starts the downswing. Shift and rotate left (or right for lefties) to match up square at impact.