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You Can Play Any Course on Summer Solstice — What is It? Golfers Share Their Picks

By Ryan Adams, PGA
Published on

The summer solstice is the longest day of the calendar year . . . and maybe a better day than any to play as much golf as possible!
Most major cities in the United States saw around 15 hours of daylight, but if you were playing golf in Juneau, Alaska, you got up to 18 hours!
Some notable courses like Bandon Dunes and Chambers Bay took advantage of the solstice, with day-long, play as many holes as possible events.
We also asked our social media communities across Facebook, Instagram and X one question that illicted a ton of fun responses:
Here's what they had to say.
"I’d probably need 15 hours to get through Augusta."
— kylegrantham on Instagram
"Kiawah - The Ocean Course, PGA National - The Bear Trap, Philadelphia Country Club."
The finishing stretch of The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island.
The finishing stretch of The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island.
— danielwilson1986 on Instagram
"Anywhere in Hawaii with a great view and a day with little to no wind lol."
— danielwilson1986 on Instagram
"Pop Stroke mini golf."
— t_s_435 on Instagram
"The old course. Just played it today!! Started at 5:20pm and ended at 9:30pm. Still had 45 min or daylight."
"As many Bandon holes as possible."
The first green of Sheep Ranch at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.
The first green of Sheep Ranch at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort.
"36 holes at Sea Island. 18 holes on the Plantation Course, the other 18 on the Seaside Course."
"I played, many years ago (30 yrs), 54 holes in Denmark from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm with a short coffee break after 18 and a „lunch“ break after 36 holes. And there I had to walk the course … It was around ‚midsommar‘ as they call it."
"One time in the 1990’s my bud Anton Fojan , Russ and George played 46 holes at Treetops in Michigan.. with the northern lights and being mid-June we finally stopped around 10:10pm. It was awesome."
"Greetings from Finland. This time of year in here it is possible to play almost 24h in the sunlight."
"Keilir in Iceland."
— n._.cabral on Instagram
"After 15 hours on Pinehurst #2 I might be done with a round with a 4 digit score.... so I'm going to say not there."
— nate_braam on Instagram
"Come and play in Iceland, we play 24/7 here from middle of june until middle of july."
"Augusta, followed by Pine Valley , Oakmont, and Shinnecock."
— keps1929 on Instagram
"Any one of those golf courses far enough north to play 15 hours of golf in daylight then watch the northern lights during the darkness of night."
— Jc Hales on Facebook
Not a bad choice by any of those golfers, but that last one watching the northern lights sounds pretty darn good. Enjoy those longer days on the course!