Texas-Pan American looking good at PGA GC, as is Bethune-Cookman

kimberly wong, kayla williams
Montana Pritchard/The PGA of America
Kayla Williams of Hampton and Kim Wong of Bethune-Cookman are tied for the overall lead in women's play.
Randy Stutzman
The PGA of America


Published: Saturday, May 07, 2011 | 6:42 p.m.

As the winds diminished in the second round on Saturday, the University of Texas-Pan American in Edinburg, Texas, took advantage of premium scoring conditions and holds a one-shot lead in the women's division heading into the final round of the 25th PGA Minority Collegiate Golf Championship presented by Brown Capital Management.

The Broncs lead with a 617 total, just ahead of division foe Hampton (Va.) University. South Carolina State University is in third place overall.

2011 PGA Minority Collegiate Golf Championship

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After high winds caused scores to soar in the opening round, the sun broke through and made for premium scoring conditions on both the Ryder and Wanamaker Courses at PGA Golf Club.

Nine players were able to break par on Saturday, after only three were able to do so in the first round.

Ofelia Lopez, in her third year as the head coach of the Texas-Pan-American women's team, is pleased with her team's play, but knows that it will not be easy to win her second title in three years.

"I had to give my girls a few pep talks on the front nine today, but we were able to grind it out," said Lopez. "We have to keep our heads in the game and be patient. All five girls were able to shoot in the 70s today, but we have to do it again if we want to win tomorrow."

The Broncs were led by senior Haley Hocott, who fired a second-round 3-over-par 75.

"I made some sloppy, mental errors out there today, but was able to bounce back on the back nine," said Hocott. "We know it is going to be tight tomorrow and it is my last round of golf in college so I want to go out a winner."

Kayla Williams of Hampton University and Kim Wong of Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Fla., are tied for the overall medalist lead at 151.

Bethune-Cookman University was able to grab the men's Division I lead, firing a second-round 7-over-par 295 and a 595 total. They lead Texas-Pan American by six strokes heading into the final round Sunday.

Alabama State University in Montgomery, Ala., is in third place overall. The Wildcats were led by Matthew McKnight, who carded a second-round 71.

"It really was an up and down day for both me and my team and we all contributed to getting this lead," said McKnight, a freshman from Northern Ireland. "It is going to be a battle tomorrow and we are going to go out and enjoy every minute of it."

In Division II, Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Mo., jumped ahead of first-round leader Virginia State University in Petersburg, Va., by a stroke heading into the final round.

The Blue Tigers, who were led by Kyle Brands of Ottawa, Kan., will be vying for their fifth title in Championship history.

Brands carded a second-round 73.

In the Men's Independent Division, University of Central Florida senior Amit Odaiyar, the defending champion, extended his lead in the division to five strokes after a second-round 70 and a 142 total. Allen Kelley of New Mexico State University used a 4-under-par 68 to grab second place in the division.

Odaiyar's round included one birdie and an eagle at the par-5 17th.

"My round was better today and was highlighted by an eagle at 17. I hit two good shots, gave myself a chance and sunk the putt," said Odaiyar, playing in his fourth Championship. "I have to stick to my game plan tomorrow, and if I do, I really feel like I will win."

In the Women's Independent division, Towson University's Airielle Dawson took the lead after a solid second-round 73. Dawson has a four-stroke lead over Northwood University's Cecilia Rezk heading into Sunday's final round.

Valerie Kitamori of Pacific University is alone in third place, eight strokes off the pace.

Dawson, a junior, made two birdies and one-putted eight holes, and is in position to win her first Minority Championship title.

"I was having trouble getting on the greens in regulation, but my chipping was great all day," said Dawson. "I loved playing here last year and have been looking forward to coming back since then. If I can go out and beat today's score, I think I have a really good shot."

The 25th edition of the championship features nearly 160 players representing 40 colleges and universities. The 54-hole championship concludes Sunday.

Second-Round Scores:
Men's Team Division I
1. Bethune-Cookman  300-295--595

Rafael Abad  76-77--153
Emmanuel Petrich 80-77--157
JaMichael Jones  77-70--147
Alexander Clapp  75-82--157
Matthew McKnight 72-71--143

2. Texas-Pan American  300-301--601
Kevin Kirakossian 72-73--145
Santiago Bragado 75-74--149
Walker Barrett  82-81--163
Aaron Gonzalez  77-79--156
Jonathan Sloss  76-75--151

T3. Alabama State  307-299--606
John Montgomery  77-75--152
Scott Benson  70-72--142
Corey Price  86-72--158
Joseph Morrison  83-80--163
Joseph Killebrew 77-81--158

T3. Savannah State  308-298--606
Cedomir Ilic  77-73--150
Ryan Lassiter  75-78--153
Tripp Bragg  80-77--157
Pete Teifer  82-87--169
Andy Atkins  76-70--146

5. Tennessee State  307-300--607
Richard Gill  82-76--158
Ryan Smith  75-79--154
Andrew Warner  73-70--143
Ryan Pierson  82-79--161
Cameron Scitern  77-75--152

6. Florida A&M  311-300--611
Wesley Yates  77-69--146
Shephard Archie, III 74-75--149
Randon Holt  81-77--158
Elijah Jackson  85-89--174
Cody Sapp  79-79--158

7. Texas Southern  303-313--616
Dominique Worthern 70-74--144
Michael Calvillo 85-81--166
Jason Barton  73-79--152
Andrew Hutchinson 75-79--154
Quinton Leonard  86-85--171

8. Maryland-Eastern Shore  310-314--624
Mike Veverka  76-75--151
Greg Raad  78-75--153
Kijontray McClay 84-84--168
Paul Cecil  75-80--155
Christopher Toney 81-85--166

9. North Carolina Central  316-320--636
Spencer Jones  81-81--162
Braden Cox  71-74--145
Andre Jones  78-77--155
Gavin Thompson  91-88--179
Walter Batts  86-93--179

10. Alabama A&M  355-318--673
Bradley Story  75-80--155
Corey Battle  118-97--215
William Miller, III 95-77--172
Cody Calvert  90-81--171
Shea Balch  95-80--175

11. Prairie View A&M  344-331--675
Michael Bradham  75-82--157
Joseph Daly  83-83--166
Stephen Faggard  92-79--171
Avery Campbell  94-87--181
William Brown  95-101--196

Men's Team Division II
1. Lincoln  318-303--621

Steven Mallow 83-81--164
Kyle Brands 77-73--150
Jacob Sandbothe 78-76--154
Kyle Brennaman 80-78--158
Eric Kosmatka 83-76--159

2. Virginia State  315-307--622
Stephen Genchi 78-77--155
Stuart Larus 82-78--160
Brian Wood 77-76--153
Mike Swope 87-76--163
Rashad Hunt 78-81--159

3. Morehouse  319-323--642
Olajuwon Ajanaku 78-81--159
Bryan McElderry 83-80--163
Thaddaeus Hill 80-81--161
Earl Cooper 83-81--164
Bruce Cousin 78-87--165

4. Winston-Salem State  328-317--645
Glendon Mabe 81-71--152
Zachary Sheets 79-72--151
James Draper 89-86--175
Devin Cherry 85-88--173
Jordan Lamb 83-89--172

5. Fayetteville State  322-327--649
William McClure 81-77--158
Antonio Mayo 96-100--196
Lincoln Jackson 77-76--153
Michael Wallace 91-98--189
John Cole 73-76--149

6. Benedict  338-333--671
Anthony Wik 80-79--159
Jordan Buchannan 79-77--156
Eddie Smith, III 91-90--181
Miles Goldman 88-87--175

Women's Team Division
1. Texas-Pan American  310-307--617

Haley Hocott 77-75--152
Maria Camey 80-75--155
Samantha Garcia 81-79--160
Melinda Uriegas 77-78--155
Elena Arroyo 76-79--155

2. Hampton  312-311--623
Kayla Williams 73-78--151
Nicole West 79-76--155
Dionne West 79-81--160
Iman Ellis 81-76--157
Sydnee Mack 85-90--175

3. South Carolina State  331-307--638
Honesty Biggers 81-79--160
Marina Terry 85-77--162
Tiana Jones 81-72--153
Cabriel Duren 84-79--163
Allison Brown 104-100--204

4. Bethune-Cookman  322-324--646
Kimberly Wong 74-77--151
Vanessa Adarme 77-83--160
Marie Bergelin 84-85--169
Miranda Rose 87-81--168
Maxine Gardner 90-83--173

5. Lincoln  354-330--684
Kaitlyn Scwartze 83-77--160
Kimberly Whitworth 90-84--174
Shea Colley 83-79--162
Hannah Sprague 98-90--188

Men's Independent Division
1. Amit Odaiyar, Central Florida 72-70--142
2. Allen Kelley, New Mexico State 79-68--147
3. Juan Fernandez, Louisburg 77-71--148
4. Christian Heavans, Georgetown 77-72--149
5. Julio Galvan, Louisburg 78-73--151
6 Bryan Odaiyar, Brevard 79-73--152
7. Ronnie Fultz III, Hampden-Sydney 79-74--153
8. Ryan Cancino, New Mexico State 76-78--154
T9. Lawrence McKenzie, Livingstone 75-82--157
T9. Jacob Mendez, CC of St. Joseph 83-74--157
11. Josh Boyd, Virginia State 78-81--159
12. Michael Thornton, Livingstone 80-81--161
T13. Ralph Godbee II, Paine 81-82--163
T13. Geoffrey Napper, Hampton 87-76--163
T15. Anthony Long, UMES 85-79--164
T15. Dustin Bertrand, McNeese State 76-88--164
T15. Javier Lopez, Hampton 85-79--164
18. Malcolm Parrish, Morehouse 83-83--166
19. Jarrell Parrish, Bethune-Cookman 86-81--167
20. Curtis Fearrington, Hampton 81-87--168
21. Minsoo Soh, UMES 88-81--169
T22. Michael Asbury, Winston-Salem State 88-83--171
T22. Christopher Davis, Hofstra 81-90--171
24. Jospeh Journey, UMES 92-84--176
25. Ben Davis, CC of St. Joseph 90-87--177
26. Ivan Monigan, Virginia State 98-86--184
27. Julavlis Teasley, Livingstone 103-85--188
28. Richard Sheppard, UMES 93-104--197
29. Sedrick Bailey, UMES 105-96--201

Women's Independent Division
1. Airielle Dawson, Towson 75-73--148
2. Cecilia Rezk, Northwood 75-77--152
3. Valerie Kitamori, Pacific 77-79--156
4. Ariel McNair, Xavier 84-74--158
5. Whitney Young, Wheeling Jesuit 86-76--162
T6. Peni Sajoto, Prairie View A&M 82-82--164
T6. Shanequa Valentine, Prairie View A&M 80-84--164
T6. Maria Stewart, Hampton 86-78--164
9. Emily Kwak, Towson 83-83--166
10. Alexandria Killingsworth, Prairie View A&M 86-83--169
11. Eugenie Adderley, UMES 89-84--173
12. Christina Walker, CSUEB 86-88--174
T13. Annamae Adderley, UMES 88-88--176
T13.Alexandra Uduk, UMES 90-86--176
15. Gabrielle Peete, South Carolina State 111-97--208