Woods might not play in every match at Ryder Cup, says U.S. Captain Pavin

tiger woods, jim furyk
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Tiger Woods enjoyed some success partnering with Jim Furyk at the 2006 Ryder Cup.
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Published: Sunday, September 12, 2010 | 1:58 p.m.

Tiger Woods is not guaranteed to play in the maximum five matches against Europe in next month’s Ryder Cup.

The top-ranked Woods, chosen as one of U.S. Captain Corey Pavin’s four wild-card picks last week, will be playing in his sixth Ryder Cup but has only been on the winning side once, in 1999.

“I am going to treat every player the same. The objective is to try to win the Ryder Cup and if in my judgment I think Tiger is to play five matches, or should play four or three, then that is what I will do -- that’s my call as captain,” Pavin told BBC Radio on Sunday. “For me, it’s how he’s playing golf. That’s my concern as far as the Ryder Cup goes.”

Woods, a 14-time major winner but without a tournament victory this year, has picked up 11 points from a possible 25 in the Ryder Cup. He has won three of his five singles matches but only seven of 20 matches in foursomes and fourballs, which are played in pairs on the opening two days. He also has two halves.

Woods was missing because of injury when the United States won back the trophy from Europe at Valhalla in 2008.

“Tiger told me he will do whatever is necessary to help the team win, and that is going to be my call, and I will probably be making that decision a little bit on the fly. But I’m not afraid to not play him every match, that’s for sure,” Pavin said.

“The objective is to win the match and that’s what I’m going to be trying to do, whatever that takes.”

The Ryder Cup will be played at Celtic Manor in Wales from Oct. 1-3.



We need to all respect the pick. This will be break Tiger needs which is to represent his country well and just maybe the rest of us will learn to forgive him and allow him to resume his career and life. Go USA and please match him up against Rory McElroy teach him a lesson the same as he did to Steven Ames and Rory Sabbatini. Tiger cheated on his wife not golf.


All said and done Tiger's game is cut above many others. In spite of his acute personal problems he managed to finish 4th at two majors! how many can claim to performance under such stress. JHe needs to be nurtured to get back to his potential. Else the world and fans at large would miss a phenomenon. Once he gets back his confidence and concentration he would be the man to beat.


First, I'm a Tiger fan.

As I have said in my previous comments on a few golf websites, my take on Pavin picking Tiger Woods is purely based on RATINGS! Even though I'm a Tiger fan, I will be first to admit that Tiger's game is not there yet, where it was before his personal life came crumbling down.

I (as well as others) am sure that the network covering the RYDER CUP has put pressure on Pavin (he may not admit it) to pick Tiger Woods (not for the current state of his game) but simply for the RATINGS! This is backup by the fact that Pavin made statements to the effect that, "HE MIGHT BENCHED TIGER . . ." (after Tiger's not so stellar performance at the FEDEX CUP), that "HE WILL LET TIGER PLAY ONLY IF HE [PAVIN] THINKS TIGER CAN PERFORM." So now that Pavin and the network are guaranteed ATTENDANCE and RATINGS because Tiger is in the team, PAVIN now would want to crucify Tiger if Tiger does not perform!

Pavin has shown his true color! Because if Pavin does not believe Tiger is "not there yet" in his game, Pavin should not have picked Tiger, period! Pavin can't have it both ways - using TIGER to draw ATTENDANCE and RATINGS but would sideline Tiger in a heartbeat if Tiger does not perform!

All said, I wished Tiger had bowed out of the Ryder Cup for it has been very clear that Pavin does not intend to pick Tiger from the very start (because of Tiger's WINLESS game and poor performance) but only did because Pavin knows without Tiger on the team (or any tournament for that matter), half of the viewers will NOT BE WATCHING! Let's all be honest, a tournament in "PRIMETIME" but without Tiger does not (and will not) generate viewership and not to mention SPONSORS.

Thank you.


Pavin did our great nation an injustice! Kim and Glover should be on the team not Woods or Fowler! Congrats to the UK for winning the cup back!


Tiger is only human and we all have our good times in this game of golf. No flesh and blood character wont break down and be slicing balls with this type of crisis that Tiger has. Well i hope he learns a lesson from this as he is still in his prime. We his fans are looking forward to when he adds verve to his game again and keep us awake on our TV screens,he once displayed undiluted skills.
We await u at the ryder's


I think the world wants to see Tiger and what he can do, Corey Pavin has the right approach and Tiger surely is thankful