Woods needs more time to return his focus to golf, says his friend Begay

tiger woods
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Tiger Woods is "hitting it as solid as I've ever seen," said Notah Begay, but he's "just not able to put things together."
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Published: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 | 12:09 a.m.

Tiger Woods’ former roommate and fellow pro Notah Begay III says the world No. 1 is hitting the ball as solid as ever, but he isn’t surprised that Woods is struggling to recapture his game.

Begay, who roomed with Woods at Stanford University, says it’s difficult for anybody to address marital woes every week, especially publicly. He says it will take some time for Woods’ “emotions to settle and for him to sort of get 100 percent focused on golf.”

“It’s going to take some time for the emotions to settle and for him to sort of get 100 percent focused on golf,” Begay said at a media conference promoting the Turning Stone Resort Championship.

Woods now has played seven tournaments without winning. It’s the longest he has ever gone at the start of a season since turning pro, and he hasn’t been a threat on the back nine of any tournament. Not even at the Masters or U.S. Open, where he tied for fourth.

On Sunday, he finished tied for 23rd in the British Open at St. Andrews.

“He’s hitting it as solid as I’ve ever seen and just not able to put things together,” Begay said. “That’s just how difficult this game is, even for a guy of his talent level. When it can slip through his fingers like it has in the past few events, it’s a pretty tough game.”

Woods has been trying to rebuild his reputation after stunning reports that he cheated on his wife with numerous women. He entered rehab and took a five-month break from the PGA Tour before returning at the Masters.

“He’s like anybody else,” Begay said. “When somebody goes through a divorce, much less such a public one, it’s going to be difficult for anybody to process what’s going to happen, how they’re going to cope and deal with things.”

Woods has refused to address reports that he’s agreed to a divorce settlement with his wife, Elin.



I believe that at one point Tiger Woods will right the ship and
get back to doing what he does best and what his fans have known
to be the strength in him...
one would have to be much more than human to have to deal with the scope of scrutiny he has had deal with in the past several months.....He needs to be left alone and I mean by the media the know it all infallible folks out there..Leave him alone
so that he can get back doing what he does best,play magnificent golf.
problems he has had to face


I just would like to see everyone leave the man alone. His personal life has nothing to do with his golf game. I personaly don't care one bit about it nor does it effect how I view him on the golf course. There are much worse things done by athletes on and off the field to continuously pound his divorce drum. Mabey he would start to get some of that focus back if everyone would quit asking about it. Hes answered questions about it what more do you want.....Go Tiger!!!!!