Golf Tip of The Day

If you put a log on the ground and asked someone to take out a chunk of wood from the log they would most likely swing the ax into the log at an angle and create sliced out section from the log. This action is done with an abrupt angle of attack into the wood log.
Nice Follow Through; Nice Shot
One of the big differences between the good player and the not so good player is the nice balanced follow through. My feeling is strong on this and a proper follow through will verify that you have done a number of the right things like balance and proper rhythm.
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"Bladed" and "Bellied" Wedge Shots
When your ball is lying a few from the green and you feel that a chip or pitch shot is not the right choice, try using the "Bladed" or "Bellied" wedge shot.  Simply choke down on a wedge so it hovers slightly above the middle of your ball.  Use a normal putting st
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Flare your Lead Foot
So many golfers have tight hips that don't allow them to rotate enough through the shot.  If you flair your lead foot around 15-20 degrees it will "open-up" your hip socket and that will greatly help you to rotate around it.
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Use Tee Boxes to Your Advantage
Survey the hole and tee the ball on the side of the tee box that trouble is on.  This will enable you to hit away from the trouble.  For example if a pond is on the right side of the hole then you want to tee your ball on the right side of the tee box.  This again will enable yo
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Get the Right Fit
Part of the success of playing consistent golf is having equipment to match your golf game. At Colleton River Plantation Club we have four different fitting carts: Callaway, Nike, Titleist, and TaylorMade to help the student find the right equipment for their swing.
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Improve your contact out of the fairway bunker
Consistency in your ball striking from a fairway bunker starts with proper club selection and set-up.  It is important to set up with stability, because sand is an unstable environment.  Select the club that has the proper loft for the ball to clear the face of the bunker.  Your
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Pitch Shots
The forty yard shot or closer is tough for many players. There are even players that will lay-up to a distance where they will have a full shot.Make a short enough backswing to have room for a follow through.
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Get Out of the Sand
Approach sand shots in the same manner you would a long pitch shot.  The only difference is that you are digging your feet down into the sand.  Play the ball forward in your stance with your full swing set-up.  Relax and don't forget to finish the swing.
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Perfect Rehearsal Creates Great
Practice swings in your full swing are over rated but in your short game they are a must!Every shot you have around the green, be sure to take 1 or 2 rehearsal swings. But make sure they are productive.
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Crossing the Line
One of the most common problems in golf is aiming one way and swinging another. The result is always a glancing blow to the ball rather than a solid compressed shot.
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Left Arm Only Swings
For right-handed players the left arm must remain extended from the start of the backswing to the beginning of the follow-through.  A good drill to help feel this extension is to make some swings holding the club only in the left hand.
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Get Connected for More Power
The arms and body must work together in the golf swing. As you start your swing the left arm should swing across your chest and connect the arm to your chest.  Once the left arm connects to your chest, the arms pull the body so that you are coiled and wound up at the top of your swing.
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Improve Your Swing
Is your swing feeling too fast and out of control these days?   Can't tell where the club is in your backswing? Try this practice drill.
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Easy 1-2-3 Setup for Chipping Success
Starting with the proper setup is essential to chipping effectiveness.  Follow these three simple setup steps to achieve consistent success.  Take a stance that aligns you to the target and then (1) put the ball back in your stance, (2) put your weight predominately on the forward fo
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Timing is everything
If I had a dollar for every time I heard the business clichi "timing is everything," I would not need to be in business. One of my favorite ways to work on timing came from one of my heroes Byron Nelson who told me that sometimes he would say his name silently while swing the club.
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Good Alignment Routine
Stand behind the ball on the extended ball/target line. Walk round toward the address position, all while keeping a sense of that line, and stand and face that ball/target line. Set the club such that clubs grooves are perpendicular to the ball/target line.
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Mixing Up Your Practice
Many golfers complain that they cannot take their ball-striking ability from the range to the course.  This is because hitting one club repeatedly at one target for a long period of time is not representative of golf.  It is important to mix clubs, yardages and targets in a practice
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The Backswing
History has shown us that there have been many different backswings that have won major tournaments. Jack Nicklaus had an upright swing and Ray Floyd had a severe inside backswing that won him a Masters.
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Spring Tune-Up
Despite the fact that the whole country has been battered by bad weather, golf season is upon us and it is the time to get tuned up. First, make sure your grips aren.t worn and slick. A bad grip will cause the hands to slip in a swing.
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