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Tuesday, October 26, 2010
The Plane Truth About Putting
Some well-known putting gurus will preach about the importance of the putting "arc." Other renowned teachers will preach "straight back and straight through." Confused? So which is it? And what does the distinction mean?
The Eyes Have It
We all miss more putts than we think we should. A lot of times it is simply due to the fact that our eyes are out of position.
How We Are Wired Determines Our Ideal Golf Plan
Tiger Woods displays an uncanny strategic plan to demolish the Royal Liverpool course, win the Open and amass his 11th major. Phil Mickelson battles through 71 holes at the U.S.
To Play Better Golf, Enjoy the Game More!
As a PGA Teaching Professional, I see golfers at our golf schools put a lot of emphasis on swing purity. Let's make no mistake, there is nothing in golf like a perfectly struck tee shot that arcs high into the air and lands far down in the center of the fairway.
Learn From Your Scorecard
Many golfers struggle to play better golf but few lack the direction to get started on the road to better scores. One of the first things I do with my students is ask them what their handicap is.
Expectations vs. Goals
In Golf Instruction, there are expectations and their are goals...the two are not necessarily the same. Sad to say that for far too many of my early years teaching golf I simply headed out to the practice range and imparted all of the golf knowledge that I could muster upon my unsuspecting studen
7 Steps to Melting Away the Meltdown
Anger is a lethal force that undermines our lives in all kinds of ways. Sometimes it erupts openly and other times anger camouflages it and covertly undermines your life. Some experience anger as strength and power. They feel it is necessary in order to maintain control.
Dear Diary, I'm Getting Better
Ben Hogan wrote, "I find it is helpful if I jot down after practice exactly what I have been working on and precisely how it was coming along." Many professional golfers today keep notes on their swings and what they are working on, including Vijay Singh.
Hello Hybrids!
One of the biggest changes in golf equipment in recent years has been the switch from long irons (#s 2-4) to the hybrid clubs. Technological changes in both clubs and balls made this come about, and almost by necessity.
Three 'Musts' for a Smooth Takeaway
1. Grip Points to Belt Buckle Since the takeaway follows from the set-up, a proper address can correct errors before they happen.
Get in Alignment
To properly align yourself to your target, you should always see four parallel lines from your address position. The first two are relatively simple. These are found by envisioning a set of railroad tracks.
Alignment: Right on Target
How many times have you hit the career shot only to see it fly in a direction you never anticipated? Chances are you probably blamed the errant shot on something in your swing.
Three Simple Steps to Consistency
Most of us have had the experience of waking up and going through a normal morning, and as soon as you are ready to head out the door, you can't find your keys.
A Solid Preshot Routine is a Must for Good Golf
Do you have a Pre-Shot Routine? Do you know it? So many golfers have a Pre-Shot Routine for most golf shots but don't even know what their routine is when asked in a lesson.
Get a Grip!
The most important component of a solid golf game is the only connection you have with the golf club, your grip. There are no two grips that are alike, because are hands are all made slightly different.
Your 3 Wood is More than a Fairway Wood
In 1982 Tom Watson won the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach with a dramatic chip-in on the 71st hole to beat Jack Nicklaus.
Don't 'Come On Over'
Even with the best fundamentals, it's too easy to get quick with the start of the downswing when we are trying to hit it extra hard or because we're a bit nervy.
Casting Recall: Stop the Power Loss
One of the most common errors that I see when giving lessons is the person who "casts" the club from the top to start the downswing. The shots that result are usually in two categories. First, there is the person who takes a divot that starts about a foot before getting to the ball.
Good Driving Depends on Good Positions
Hitting solid tee shots with the driver is very important to playing and scoring well. The tee shot sets up the hole.
Tricks to help eliminate your slice
A habit many amateur golfers develops is the hips moving forward before the hands moving forward. This tends to create a slice because the clubface is left open at contact.