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Wednesday, October 27, 2010
A Quick Nine: What do you think is the scariest shot in golf?
In the spirit of Halloween, for this week's 'A Quick Nine' feature, we asked our Facebook fans: What's the scariest (toughest) shot in golf?
Tuesday, October 26, 2010
What's in the winners' bags this week
What did Jonathan Byrd, Fred Couples and last week's other winners use to achieve victory? We check out the gear that earned them the big checks for the week ending Oct.
Manassero skips Andalucia Masters to focus on getting to HSBC Masters
Matteo Manassero has pulled out of this week’s Andalucia Masters at Valderrama to focus on getting a visa in time for next week’s HBSC World Championship in Shanghai. The 17-year-old Italian qualified for both events at the Castello Masters on Sunday when he became the youngest European Tour winn
Woods' streak at No. 1 set to end, but who will replace him still unsettled
It's over -- or rather, it soon will be. The longest unbroken reign in the 24-year history of the world golf rankings ends this Sunday. Rubbing salt into the wounds of a year that has been an unmitigated disaster on and off the course, Tiger Woods is about to be replaced as golf's No.
Fall Series producing some moments big enough for the regular season
Jonathan Byrd hit one of the greatest shots hardly anyone saw, himself included. In the gloaming of Las Vegas, the last thing Byrd could see was his ball drawing toward the flag on the 204-yard 17th hole at the TPC Summerlin in a three-man playoff.
Tips for Downhill Lies
When confronted with a downhill lie, you must go through your "mental checklist" to assure a good shot: 1. Choose a more lofted club; the sloping terrain will de-loft your club. 2. Set your body and weight toward the angle of the hill. 3.
You Can Shape Your Shots
The ability to shape shots from side to side, control their trajectory and play from a wide variety of lies in all conditions are some of the hallmarks of an accomplished golfer.
Release Back Foot for More Effective Chips
The most common flaw I see in pitching is swinging flat-footed. By this I mean the trailing foot. Releasing the trailing foot (letting it roll towards the toe) makes it easier for the player to keep the hands in front of the clubhead.
Callaway Golf PGA Assistant Championship, a Tournament of Champions
The Callaway Golf PGA Assistant Championship, which celebrates its 34th edition, Nov. 11-14, at PGA Golf Club in Port St.
Avoid the Wrong Shot in Your Short Game
As we all know, the short game is where we score or try to score that low number. But for many high handicappers, this is where their problems really start.
Barney Adams Named Recipient of the 2010 PGA Ernie Sabayrac Award
Barney Adams of Dallas, Texas, who sparked a revolution in golf through his invention of the Tight Lies fairway wood, has been named the recipient of the PGA Ernie Sabayrac Award, for lifetime contributions to the golf industry. Adams, 71, will be honored at The PGA of America Awards, Jan.
To Chip or Pitch
Any golfer wishing to lower his or her scores needs to learn how to control the ball's height and speed around the green. This key aspect of the short game is largely determined by a player's knowledge of two important shots -- the chip-and-run and the pitch.
94th PGA Annual Meeting, Nov. 4-6, to Focus on 'Your Future, Your PGA'
Four hundred PGA Professionals, representing 41 nationwide Sections, are anticipated to gather Nov. 4-6, in Boston for the 94th PGA Annual Meeting.
Developing Feel in Your Short Game
Too often, students will ask me what the best club is to use for a basic chip shot, for example.
Better Chipping
We've all had days when the swing felt perfect and our scores reflected that confidence. But unfortunately, we all know the days where the swing feels out of sorts and the scorecard reflects that as well.
Basics of Putting
Harvey Penick once said: "A man who can't putt is a match for no one, a man who can is a match for anyone."
You Can't Score if You Can't Putt
I know, I've been there. As I was attempting to play the PGA Tour in the 70's, all the players that I knew would spend hours upon hours hitting balls with full swings. Some would spend some time practicing the "short game".
The Plane Truth About Putting
Some well-known putting gurus will preach about the importance of the putting "arc." Other renowned teachers will preach "straight back and straight through." Confused? So which is it? And what does the distinction mean?
The Eyes Have It
We all miss more putts than we think we should. A lot of times it is simply due to the fact that our eyes are out of position.
How We Are Wired Determines Our Ideal Golf Plan
Tiger Woods displays an uncanny strategic plan to demolish the Royal Liverpool course, win the Open and amass his 11th major. Phil Mickelson battles through 71 holes at the U.S.