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Tuesday, August 09, 2011
What's in the winners' bags for the week of August 7, 2011
What clubs did Adam Scott and last week's other winners use to achieve victory? We take a peek in their bags to check out the gear that earned them the big checks for the week of August 7:
Maximize your swing plane
PGA Professional Jonathan Gibbs shares a great tip you how to maximize your swing plane.
Take your medicine
Don't follow a bad shot with another bad shot. PGA Professional Tim Weinhart explains when you should try to make a great escape, and when you should play it safe and avoid the chance of making a big number.
Golf pre-shot routine: Why it's important
PGA Professional Tim Weinhart shares the importance of a good pre-shot routine.
Making pitch shots simple
When you're too far from the green to chip, it's time to hit a pitch shot. PGA Professional Chip Sullivan explains what clubs to use and what the keys are to stopping the ball close to the flag every time.
Tuesday Interviews
Westwood, Donald and Clarke discuss the AAC course setup and their outlook.
Monday, August 08, 2011
How to chip in golf: Improve fundamentals
An easy way to tell an amateur golfer from a professional is the way they chip. PGA Professional Chip Sullivan shows how to use your chipping clubs the way they're designed to be used.
Proper putting technique
PGA Professional and top player Chris Starkjohann offers some pointers on the proper putting technique.
Putting from different distances
PGA Professional Chris Starkjohann gives you a drill to help you make those all important shorter putts.
Using your hybrid around the green
Short irons shouldn't be your only choices when your ball is near the putting surface. PGA Professional Mark Sheftic shows how a hybrid can be less risky and more effective in knocking your ball close to the pin.
Golf chipping tips: Using proper loft when chipping around the green
PGA Professional Mark Sheftic corrects a common mistakes amateurs make with their chipping game.
Driving accuracy: How to hit the ball straight
On tee shots, your goal is obviously to hit the fairway. PGA Professional Ron Philo Jr. explains how a proper stance and posture can help you hit the ball straighter as well as farther.
Ball position for your irons
PGA Professional Ron Philo Jr. talks to you about proper ball position relative to your target.
The three-quarter wedge shot
PGA Professional Ron Philo Jr. teaches you how to control your distance with the three-quarter wedge shot
Longer greenside bunker shot
PGA Professional Bill Murchison instructs you on how to approach a longer greenside bunker shot.
Chipping out of a divot
PGA Professional Bill Murchison demonstrates how to chip out of a greenside divot.
Sand shot tips: Improve your bunker game
Hitting a specific spot in the sand with your wedge is the key to a successful bunker shot. PGA Professional Bill Murchison shares a quick tip to help you make sure you hit that spot every time.
Good bunker play
Good bunker players take the same amount of sand every time, no matter how far they're hitting their shot. PGA Professional Mitch Lowe has a drill that'll help you get much more consistent out of the sand.
How to hit a flop shot out of a bunker
You're in a greenside bunker with not much room to work with. You need to hit a flop shot from the sand, one of the hardest shots in golf. PGA Professional Mitch Lowe shows how to master this high-flying, soft-landing shot.
Correct weight transfer
PGA Professional Rob Labritz talks to you about weight transfer on your downswing.