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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
More Power for Women Golfers
Suzy Whaley, PGA Director of Instruction at Suzy Whaley Golf, identifies some common problems with the swing and shows how women golfers can properly generate more power out of the golf swings.
Putting tips: How to get close on long putts
PGA Professional Craig Renshaw, Director of Instruction at Paradise Valley Golf Club, explains why people have difficulty getting their long putts close to the hole and offers ways to remedy this problem.
Golf swing drill with sticks and towel
Ron Miller, Dir. Of Instruction at The Hill Country Club, offers a drill that uses sticks and a towel to help you better align your body before your swing.
Hybrid golf clubs: How hybrid clubs help your game
Laird Small, Dir. of the Pebble Beach Golf Academy, explains how hybrids are designed to help your game and demonstrates the proper way to hit them in several different situations.
Tips to improve your pitching and chipping
Laird Small, Dir. of the Pebble Beach Golf Academy, offers help on how to pitch the ball consistently and successfully to improve your short game.
Golf Woosh Drill: How to hit the ball farther
Holly Taylor, Head PGA Professional at the PGA Golf Club, offers a drill to help ensure that you'll generate the proper swing speed for optimal distance.
Innovative ways to improve chipping
PGA Professional Thomas Troncoso, Head Professional at Chestnut Ridge CC, talks about what you should be seeing and hearing when hitting chips around the green.
Golf shot setup: How to position the ball
PGA Professional Steve Long, Director of Instruction at Brookstone G&CC, demonstrates the proper way to set up to the ball before your swing to ensure correct balance and improve your consistency.
Correct golf club grip
PGA Professional Roger Lundy, Academy Director at Indiana Junior Golf Academy, offers a fun way to help ensure you are gripping the golf club correctly.
Add power to your golf swing
PGA Professional Kammy Maxfeldt explains how to acheive more power in your swing by improving your lower body and shoulder turn.
Golf swing tips: How fast should my swing be?
PGA Professional Kammy Maxfeldt offers some tips for improving your swing speed, and positioning the club on your backswing.
Good hip and shoulder exercises for golf swings
David Donatucci, Director of Fitness for the PGA of America, demonstrates some exercises that can benefit your hip and shoulder turn.
Golf warm ups: Good stretches for playing golf
David Donatucci, Director of Fitness for the PGA of America, offers some great stretches to help you warm up before your round.
Best clubs to keep in your bag for women golfers
PGA Professional Le Ann Finger explains which clubs, especially for women golfers, are not as useful as others when heading out to the course.
Golf tee height: How high should I tee the golf ball?
PGA Professional Le Ann Finger explains what you should be aware of when teeing your ball up and how to ensure the correct height for the ball.
Putting or chipping from the fringe of the green
PGA Master Professional John Hughes offers two different ways to play your ball when it lies on the fringe just off the green.
Tips for your golf club grip
Steve Long, Dir. of Instruction at Brookstone Golf and C.C., shows how to grip the club correctly and addresses some of the common problems that arise from poor gripping of the club.
Making Solid Contact on Putts
Mike Bender, Director of Instruction at the Mike Bender Golf Academy, talks about why people have trouble hitting putts solidly and offers a way to help make better contact with the ball.
Better Putting Rhythm and Stroke
Blake Cathey, Lead Instructor at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort, offers a way to help you develop better putting consistency by improving your tempo and confidence.
Improving the backswing
Chris Czaja, PGA Teaching Professional at Boca West CC and 2010 South Florida PGA section Teacher of the Year, offers thoughts for improving the backswing and shows a drill that can correct problems.