Unprecedented education schedule for PGA Merchandise Show week

PGA of America


Published: Tuesday, November 16, 2010 | 3:20 p.m.

An unprecedented number of learning opportunities await PGA Professionals and industry leaders during an expanded PGA Merchandise Show week-long education schedule that now begins with the PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit at The Faldo Institute, Jan. 24-25, and includes more than 65 timely seminars in the PGA Merchandise Show Education Conference, Jan. 27-29, in Orlando, Fla. Importantly, up to 46 MSR credits are available to PGA members during Show week to meet the current MSR Credit Cycle requirements ending in June 2011.

"Because the golf landscape in America is changing, our leadership, business education and ability to adapt are all key factors for future growth of our business and the game at every level," said PGA of America President Allen Wronowski. "The opportunities to advance ourselves and our businesses are abundant during Show Week in 2011. I encourage all PGA Professionals to consider how they might maximize their business, teaching and personal potential through participation in the PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit and the PGA Merchandise Show Education Conference."

The PGA of America's largest educational event, the PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit, has been added to the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show schedule and will become the first event to kick off a busy Show week. Carrying the theme, "Getting Results," the Summit will be conducted Monday, Jan. 24 and Tuesday, Jan. 25 at The Faldo Institute in Orlando. The 12th edition of the Summit is attracting many of the greatest instructional minds in the world such as Bob Toski, Dr. Gary Wiren, Todd Anderson and others who will share their philosophies of how people learn, how they need to be coached and how it relates to building one's teaching business.

The 2011 PGA Merchandise Show Education Conference is taking on important issues, trends and developments shaping the future of golf business, Jan. 27-29, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. More than 65 seminars will be presented by the industry's foremost experts in management, retail, facility operations, instruction and business categories such as social media, new technology and environmental issues. Featuring nearly 20 new speakers in 2011 and new hands-on learning opportunities, the Education Conference is organized in partnership with The PGA of America, the Association of Golf Merchandisers and respected industry leaders from topical business sectors. Seminars will be offered from 8:00 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. each day during the Show.

"PGA Professionals and golf industry executives have the opportunity to receive a best-in-class educational experience at this year's PGA Merchandise Show," said PGA Worldwide Golf Exhibitions Senior Vice President Ed Several. "The combined offerings of the PGA Teaching & Coaching Summit, the Education Conference and the show floor presentations can have an immediate and measurable impact shaping the business of golf moving forward."



when will 2012 schedule be available? 2nd. request !


when will 2012 schedule be available?