12 habits of successful junior golfers

By Brandi Jackson, owner, Brandi Jackson Golf
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12 habits of successful junior golfers

There are a several characteristics that a junior golfer needs to possess beyond their golf scores in order to be successful both on and off the course. Below are the top 12 qualities I consider to be most important:

1. Be coachable: you are willing to listen, try, and change how you do things in order to improve.

2. Set goalsyou have goals and dreams that make you excited to get up and strive to work hard every day.

3. Learn from others: you understand you can learn a lot from others more experienced than you.

4. Use your resourcesyou utilize all of the tools, education and people available to grow and learn.

5. Plan and prepare: rather than going through the motions, you show up prepared, ready to learn and with a plan of action.

6. Stay positive: you understand everyone has bad days, but you do your best to stay positive and make the most out of your experiences.

7. Take ownershipyou take care of yourself, your equipment, your responsibilities and your actions.

8. Take initiative: you don’t wait to be told what you need to do.

9. Don’t make excuses: win or lose, you know there is always something to learn from the experience.

10. Be appreciativeyou always remember the opportunities you’ve been given shouldn’t be taken for granted.

11. Ask questionsyou aren’t afraid to ask questions, because you know it will only help you gain more knowledge and experience.

12. Ask for help: you know it’s always OK to ask for help and guidance.

Brandi Jackson is a former LPGA and Symetra Tour player who consults junior golfers on the college recruiting process through her company Brandi Jackson Golf. If you would like to receive more information from Brandi, enter your email HERE