A Quick Nine: What's your golf resolution for 2012?

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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With a new year comes the chance for a new start, or a new approach -- especially when it comes to our golf game.

Now that 2012 is here, it's time to make some exciting changes... specifically, changes that will improve your golf game, or at the very least, make your golfing experience as enjoyable as it can possibly be.

We at couldn't think of a better way to kick off the new year than by asking our Facebook friends to give us their 2012 golf resolutions. Below you will find the best answers we received.

Happy New Year, everyone! Here's to a great 2012!

9. To hit the ball longer. Anyone who tells you they wouldn't like to hit the ball a little further, especially off the tee, just isn't being honest.

Facebook fan quote:

"Hit my drives 20 yards or more longer!" -- Cris Henry

8. To spend more time in the fairway. Isn't the game so much easier when you're playing approach shots from the short stuff?

Facebook fan quote:

"Keep it in the short grass." -- Stephen Silva

7. To have more patience. What a great resolution. It's one that would serve all of us well and make the game a lot more enjoyable.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Slowdown and be patience with my shots!" -- Rob Highley

"To not break a club!" -- Tyler Keister

"To do a full round without throwing my clubs." -- Ady Ingleby

6. To win a tournament. Try as we might, not all of us have the ability to be good enough to even think of winning golf tournaments, but for those who do there's nothing wrong with being ambitious in the new year.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Win a state title." -- Brian Sullivan

"Varsity as a freshman, and have our team win state." -- Eric Lamm Make

"Win my club championship." -- Mick Mack

5. To have more time on the course with family and friends. For many of us, this is what playing golf is all about. Sure, shooting lower scores is nice, but it's that quiet time spent on the course with family and friends that make the game so much fun.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Play a round with my family." -- Kyle Simpson

"More golf with more people at more courses." -- Guy Golomb

"To golf more often with my sons in 2012." -- Kim Dunn

4. To play more golf. I was joking with a friend over the holiday season about this one. Have you ever spoken to someone who thinks they need to play less golf? It doesn't matter if a person plays once a month or four times a week -- no one plays enough golf... just ask them!

Facebook fan quotes:

"To play more golf this year. In the last few years, I've been in law school so I really didn't have the time to play because of the reading and studying that I did. I finished school, July 15th and played my first three rounds in August." -- Kevin L. Warmack

"Play more this year." -- Margie Mullin-Sawdey

"Play more!" -- Larry Huro

"Play more and play smart." -- Robin Patten

"Just to play more. If I play any less I'll qualify as a non-golfer!" -- Brian Wetzel

3. To lower your scores. Hey, it's what we all strive for no matter the ability. It's a fact -- golf is more fun when you're playing well.

Facebook fan quotes:

"To get back to a single-digit handicap again!" -- Daniel McKenzie

"To break my lowest 18-hole score of 72! And 9-hole score of 32!" -- Mike Sogard

"Be consistant and play to my handicap more often." -- Kevin Barford

"To play more with my children and to break 85." -- Scott Milner

"To break 80!" -- Curtis Ali Ba-Ski Addison

"To break 70 constantly on a championship course." -- Esmeralda AndMike G

"Become a single-digit handicapper." -- Joshua MrstealLorenzosgurl Davis

2. To make more time for practice. A great resolution. For those of you serious about improving in 2012: you may not have time to play a couple of rounds per week, but everyone has time to head to the range and grab a bucket of balls. Like any great PGA Professional will tell you, when you go to the range and get a bucket -- don't hit balls, hit shots.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Practice more than I play." -- Don McCracken

"To spend a great deal of time working on my game from 20-100 yards. It's my biggest gap right now." -- Kevin Armstrong

"Nine holes or a bucket of balls a week." -- Matthew Scott

"Make feel real by practicing drills, then go 'low' baby!" -- Terry Eklund

"Practice more!" -- Robert Kirk Provart

1. To put an emphasis on fitness to help your golf game. What a concept! Working toward a healthier body will do the same for your golf game.

Facebook fan quotes:

"To be in my best golf shape ever before going to Myrtle Beach in May. It's a trip I won in a putting contest last year." -- Jason Bouchard

"Walk and carry more, plus do everything i can to make more putts." -- Danny Madden

"Flexibility... strength... balance. I want to get better off the tee also. My drivers my weakest part of my game." -- Andrew Spina

"Get in golf shape this winter." -- Mike Tabert  

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