2017 PGA Minority Collegiate Golf Championship: Round 1 Men's Team Pairings, Tee Times

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2017 PGA Minority Collegiate Golf Championship: Round 1 Men's Team Pairings, Tee Times

Below are the tee times and pairings for the first round of the Men's Team Championship of the 2017 PGA Minority Collegiate Golf Championship presented by CastleOak Securities. First-round matches will be played Friday, May 12 on the Wannamaker Course at PGA Golf Club in Port St. Lucie, Florida. All times Eastern.
7:15 AM
Christian Hovstadius  (Bethune-Cookman University)
Jermey Fultz  (Tennessee State University)
Zach Otto  (Savannah State University)
7:24 AM
Marcus Sundlof  (Bethune-Cookman University)
Todd McGill  (Tennessee State University)
Adam Walden  (Savannah State University)
7:33 AM
Daniel Brennan  (Bethune-Cookman University)
Rosario Falzone  (Tennessee State University)
Cole Madison  (Savannah State University)
7:42 AM
Sam Sloman  (Bethune-Cookman University)
Kody Rendleman  (Tennessee State University)
Jaden Thiemann  (Savannah State University)
7:51 AM
Joel Ramirez  (Bethune-Cookman University)
Drew Owens  (Tennessee State University)
Ethan Otterbein  (Savannah State University)
8:00 AM
Jordan Bohannon  (NC Central University)
Prince Cunningham  (Florida A&M University)
Jabril Arnold  (Maryland Eastern Shore)
8:09 AM
Zane Lewis  (NC Central University)
Cameron Riley  (Florida A&M University)
Young Lee  (Maryland Eastern Shore)
8:18 AM
Samuel Bradley  (NC Central University)
Dennis Minefee  (Florida A&M University)
Darius Davis  (Maryland Eastern Shore)
8:27 AM
Sumner Tate  (NC Central University)
Mahindra Lutchman  (Florida A&M University)
Demarkis Cooper  (Maryland Eastern Shore)
8:36 AM
Nathan Corley  (NC Central University)
Chase Killette  (Florida A&M University)
Christian Owens  (Maryland Eastern Shore)
8:54 AM
Cameron Boomer  (Chicago State University)
Toiriste O'Neal  (Hampton University)
Jeffrey Conflitti  (Incarnate Word)
9:03 AM
Andre Reid  (Chicago State University)
Jordan Samuels  (Hampton University)
Caden Wylie  (Incarnate Word)
9:12 AM
Austin Dobrescu  (Chicago State University)
Alexander Rivera  (Hampton University)
Kevin Smith  (Incarnate Word)
9:21 AM
Miles Bailey  (Chicago State University)
Taylor Osborne  (Hampton University)
Remy Huston  (Incarnate Word)
9:30 AM
Justin Bates  (Hampton University)
Cole Solis  (Incarnate Word)
9:39 AM
Andrew Banuelos  (Cal State-Dominguez Hills)
Lenorris Williams  (Livingstone College)
Isaiah Shaw  (Fayetteville State University)
9:48 AM
Raynard Belmonte  (Cal State-Dominguez Hills)
Telvin Walker  (Livingstone College)
Adam Capps  (Fayetteville State University)
9:57 AM
Phillip Chan  (Cal State-Dominguez Hills)
Stephen Washington  (Livingstone College)
Nick Pennix  (Fayetteville State University)
10:06 AM
William Yang  (Cal State-Dominguez Hills)
Philip Harrison  (Livingstone College)
Christian Villanueva  (Fayetteville State University)
10:15 AM
Miles Young  (Cal State-Dominguez Hills)
Harry Standberry  (Livingstone College)
Austin Parlett  (Fayetteville State University)
10:33 AM
Blake Lammers  (Lincoln University)
Jacob McCurry  (Miles College)
Samuel Reed  (Virginia State University)
10:42 AM
Deaven Vincent  (Lincoln University)
Vitthal Parker  (Miles College)
Nicolas Williams  (Virginia State University)
10:51 AM
Gabe Trowbridge  (Lincoln University)
Kyle Kerns  (Miles College)
Alex Kosh  (Virginia State University)
11:00 AM
Drew Geritz  (Lincoln University)
Cameron Wilhite  (Miles College)
Isaiah Belton  (Virginia State University)
11:09 AM
Logan Taylor  (Lincoln University)
Josh Lewis  (Miles College)
Darian Exum  (Virginia State University)
11:18 AM
Andrew Cronwright  (University of West Alabama)
Allan Day  (Virginia Union University)
Christian Esparza  (University of Houston-Victoria)
11:27 AM
Brannon O'Pry  (University of West Alabama)
Joshua Mohun  (Virginia Union University)
Adrian Saenz  (University of Houston-Victoria)
11:36 AM
Harris Stevens  (University of West Alabama)
Paul Meints  (Virginia Union University)
Terry Strickland  (University of Houston-Victoria)
11:45 AM
Alec Riley  (University of West Alabama)
Robel Woldagabriel  (Virginia Union University)
Juan David Coy  (University of Houston-Victoria)
11:54 AM
Mark Johnson  (University of West Alabama)
Bartosh Kaminski  (Virginia Union University) 
James Rollins  (University of Houston-Victoria)