2018 PGA Minority Collegiate Championship Round 1 tee times, pairings

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2018 PGA Minority Collegiate Championship Round 1 tee times, pairings

Here are the tee times and pairings for the first round of the 2018 PGA Minority Collegiate Championship at PGA Golf Club.

Wanamaker Course
Tee time Starting hole Players Starting hole Players
7:30 AM 1 Marcus Sundlof Bethune Cookman University; Cole Solis University of the Incarnate Word; Alejandro Toro Florida A&M University; Zach Otto Savannah State University 10 Andrew Banuelos California State University-Dominguez Hills; Paul Meints Virginia Union University; Gabe Trowbridge Lincoln University
7:40 AM 1 Connor O'Brien Bethune Cookman University; Caden Wylie University of the Incarnate Word; Mulbe Dillard Florida A&M University; Trey Odom Savannah State University 10 Raynard Belmonte California State University-Dominguez Hills; Robel Woldagabriel Virginia Union University; Deaven Vincent Lincoln University
7:50 AM 1 Jake Lane Bethune Cookman University; John Hill University of the Incarnate Word; Prince Cunningham Florida A&M University; Jaden Thiemann Savannah State University 10 William Yang California State University-Dominguez Hills; Allan Day Virginia Union University; Logan Taylor Lincoln University
8:00 AM 1 Dante Davis Bethune Cookman University; Kevin Smith University of the Incarnate Word; Cameron Riley Florida A&M University; Matt Thoms Savannah State University 10 Miles Young California State University-Dominguez Hills; Sergio Escalante Virginia Union University; Jordan Barnett Lincoln University
8:10 AM 1 Christian Hovstadius Bethune Cookman University; George Taylor University of the Incarnate Word; Mahindra Lutchman Florida A&M University; Matthew Turner Savannah State University 10 Kyle Campano California State University-Dominguez Hills; Chistopher Peoples Virginia Union University; Brayden Watts Lincoln University
8:20 AM 1 Zane Lewis NC Central University; Rovonta Young Alabama A&M University; Alex Rivera Hampton University; Austin Dobrescu Chicago State University 10 Josh Lewis Miles College; Philip Harrison Livingstone College; Rajai Cousley Benedict College; Samuel Cudjoe Saint Augustines University
8:30 AM 1 Jordan Bohannon NC Central University; Paul San Alabama A&M University; Eduardo Falcon Reyes Chicago State University; Luis Acevedo North Carolina A&T 10 Timothy Simpson Miles College; Alex Stewart Livingstone College; Ignacio Espina Benedict College; James Moore Saint Augustines University
8:40 AM 1 Arriek Douglas Hampton University; Adrian Torres Ruiz Chicago State University; Cody Lissner North Carolina A&T; Samuel Bradley NC Central University 10 Tyler Simmons Miles College; Michael Sutton Livingstone College; Samuel Smith Benedict College; Jaylon Lynn Saint Augustines University
8:50 AM 1 Taylor Osborne Hampton University; Casey Lindo North Carolina A&T; Erik Aviles Alabama A&M University; Nathan Corley NC Central University 10 Taylor Simmons Miles College; Lenorris Williams Livingstone College; Marqus Edwards Benedict College; Curt Morris Saint Augustines University
9:00 AM 1 Rogelio Ramir Roque Chicago State University; Nylan Washington Alabama A&M University; Jordan Samuels Hampton University; Cameron Bryant North Carolina A&T 10 Christian Copen Miles College; De'Angelo Stowe Livingstone College; William Edwards Benedict College; Deon'Dre Johnson Saint Augustines University
9:10 AM 1 Marcus Jackson NC Central University; Justin Bates Hampton University; Edward Austin Trent North Carolina A&T; Cameron Boomer Chicago State University 10 Terry Strickland University of Houston Victoria; Casey Domke Governors State University; Cristian Esparza University of Houston Victoria; Matt Contey Governors State University
9:20 AM x x 10 James Rollins University of Houston Victoria; Jack Calderone Governors State University; John Orowick Governors State University
9:30 AM x x 10 Juan David Coy University of Houston Victoria; Sam Billman Governors State University ; Adrian Saenz University of Houston Victoria

Ryder Course
Time Starting Hole Players Starting Hole Players
7:30 AM 1 Marcus Thompson Livingstone College; Marquis Usher University of Maryland Eastern Shore; Chase Killette Florida A&M University 10 Mackenzie Butzer Bethune Cookman University; Madison Frerking University of the Incarnate Word; Sofia Alvarez North Carolina A&T; Reanna De La Cruz Texas A&M University-Kingsville
7:40 AM 1 Christian Owens University of Maryland Eastern Shore; Simon Maury Bethune Cookman University; Dennis Minefee Florida A&M University 10 Yudika Rodriguez Bethune Cookman University; Lauren Mancha University of the Incarnate Word; Jill Harvison North Carolina A&T; Madison Lake Texas A&M University-Kingsville
7:50 AM 1 Siyan Liu Palm Beach Atlantic University; Devery Stewart Corban University; DeAndre Diggs University of Maryland Eastern Shore; Jeremy Kimbrough Kentucky State University 10 Isabela Miravite Bethune Cookman University; Elodie Yates University of the Incarnate Word; Bo Young Park North Carolina A&T; Abigail Willcoxon Texas A&M University-Kingsville
8:00 AM 1 Anthony Ward University of Maryland Eastern Shore; Isaiah Shaw Fayetteville State University; Terry Flowers Meridian Community College; Joseph Stills University of West Florida 10 Samyra Lewis Bethune Cookman University; Gracie Aday University of the Incarnate Word; Madison Harriman North Carolina A&T; Brittany Rodriguez Texas A&M University-Kingsville
8:10 AM 1 Elijah Collins Lake Forest College; Chase Rios University of the Incarnate Word; Junghoon Lee University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Young Lee University of Maryland Eastern Shore 10 Charlotte Davis University of the Incarnate Word; Jocelyn Andrews North Carolina A&T; Bianca Silerio Texas A&M University-Kingsville
8:20 AM 1 Darius Davis University of Maryland Eastern Shore; Djimon Dixon Paine College; Blake Wilson Florida A&M University; Harry Stanberry Livingstone College 10 Kendall Paris Governors State University; Felicia Davenport Chicago State University; Ana Candela Ferreyra-Heit Delaware State University
8:30 AM 1 Blair Waters University of Maryland Eastern Shore; Wesley Samuel University of Maryland Eastern Shore; Nabeel Kahn University of Connecticut; Isaac Calderon Corban University 10 Megan Kirn Governors State University; Darinka Velazquez Chicago State University; Leah Lerma University of Houston Victoria; Panisara Chimsuti Delaware State University
8:40 AM 1 Lizabeth Randles Hampton University; Rachele Orme Savannah State University; Morgan Miner University of Maryland Eastern Shore 10 Emily Bell Governors State University; Hansika Tathgur Chicago State University; Reid Whaley University of Houston Victoria; Ireanna Peete Delaware State University
8:50 AM 1 Alyssa Clements Savannah State University; Josephina Oh University of Maryland Eastern Shore; Taylor Sukmana Palm Beach Atlantic University 10 Gabriella Piere-Louis Governors State University; Erin Kopinak Delaware State University; Jocelyn Villafranca University of Houston Victoria
9:00 AM 1 Alejandra Sanchez St. John's University; Monique Veal Savannah State University; Lauren Price Hampton University; Cilatlipaz Butler Delaware State University 10 Adriana Gonzalez Chicago State University; Allison Ambrose Delaware State University; Jo Ellen Canales University of Houston Victoria
9:10 AM 1 Amber Kuykendall Texas Southern University; Jakari Harris Hampton University; Jasmin Cunningham University of Maryland Eastern Shore; Linda Wang St. John's University    
9:20 AM 1 Erica Jackson North Carolina A&T; Kendall Dunovant Whitman College; Dabin Cleary University of the Incarnate Word; Gabriella Rivera-Garcia Chowan University    


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