5 golf goals you should set for yourself in 2019

By Dan McDonald
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5 golf goals you should set for yourself in 2019

As the calendar turns to 2019, we look for ways to improve ourselves and make the new year a more joyous and prosperous one.
Write down some golf goals for yourself and keep them on your phone, in your golf bag or in your yardage book so you always are reminded of them.
While you're making your goals for this year, here are a few items to make sure to include on your list:
1. Take a lesson from your local PGA Professional
This should be the No. 1 priority on your golf to-do list in 2019 if you have any desire to improve your swing and lower your score. 
Whether you’d like to be able to drive the ball more consistently or improve your touch around the greens, sign up for some lessons with your local PGA Professional and you’ll be able to reach your goals much faster.
2. Practice putting more
As the saying goes, “you drive for show and putt for dough.” Make it a priority this year to include putting practice more in your routine. 
When you’re at the range, take a few fewer shots with the driver and head over to the putting green. When you’re waiting for your foursome to show up at the course, drop a few balls on the putting green and work on your alignment and tempo. When you’re at the office and need a break from staring at the computer screen, keep a putter and a sleeve of balls handy to work on your speed control on the lightning-quick carpet. 
You use your putter more than any other club in the bag and it’s the easiest club to practice with on and off the course. Make putting practice a priority and you’ll be sure to knock a few strokes off your score this year.
3. Introduce someone new to the game
Playing golf is way more fun when you have someone to enjoy it with. Make it a priority this year to increase the number of people in your phone book that you can call up and set a tee time with.
Your friend that says they want to learn to play but just haven’t had the time yet? Invite them to the driving range with you. 
Did a new TopGolf open down the street? Instead of heading to the same bar you’ve been a hundred times, mix things up and take your friends to hit a few balls and enjoy some fun competition over a couple of beverages.
Have a golf outing that you need to fill your foursome? Invite someone who hasn’t played in an outing before and would benefit from some fresh air and camaraderie outside of the office.
4. Break your next milestone score
This doesn’t have to necessarily mean breaking the next major number on the list. Did you just break 90 for the first time in 2018 and breaking 80 seems impossible? Set your goal to break 85 or 86. Then make it your goal to consistently shoot in that range. Next thing you know, you’ll be shooting numbers you didn’t think were possible.
Need some help on what areas to focus on in order to get to that next milestone? We’ve got you covered.
5. Have more fun
This should be on everyone’s golf goal list for every year, every month and every round. 
It doesn’t matter if you’re playing for your club championship or a leisurely round with some friends, have fun out on the course.
Sure, it things can get frustrating if you’re having a bad round or you ruin an amazing drive and approach shot by three-putting to make bogey. But if you keep your mindset on the positive, you’ll not only be able to bounce back faster to help you on the scorecard, you’ll walk off the course a much happier and relaxed person. 
Be thankful for this amazing game and enjoy your time on the links away from the hustle and bustle of the world.