9 new golf products you'll want to get your hands on

By T.J. Auclair
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9 new golf products you'll want to get your hands on

If you're like us, the recently-completed Masters has you extra excited about getting your own golf season fired up.
Are you looking for some new goodies to take out to the course?
Good news -- we've got you covered.
Here's a look at nine new golf products we love and you might want to consider adding as you get ready to achieve some personal milestones this season.
Bushnell Hybrid Rangefinder
There is no doubt that owning a rangefinder or a GPS will improve your golf game. With their accurate readings, your misses will be closer to the hole.
But maybe you've been stuck for some time trying to decide whether you should get a rangefinder of a GPS. What if you could have both -- built into one -- that's actually priced the same as what you would pay for a top of the line rangefinder or GPS?
That's precisely -- and it's all about precision -- what you get with Bushnell's latest offering, the Hybrid Rangefinder, available this April.
Supported by the company's widely popular PinSeeker with JOLT technology, which causes the rangefinder to vibrate when it's locked in on your target, you can enjoy the laser accuracy you've always enjoyed with Bushnell's rangefinders, within 1 yard of your target from as far as 400 yards away.
In addition to that, the outside of the Hybrid Rangefinder houses a GPS screen that offers up yardages to the front, middle and back of the green. This is especially handy for those times when you're out of position and can't actually see the flag.
The GPS portion of the Hybrid is pre-loaded with more than 36,000 courses in 30 countries and can pinpoint precisely which hole you're playing on the course you're at. 
The Hybrid uses two batteries, one for the laser and a rechargeable USB battery for the GPS functions. The fully-charged GPS battery can work for up to 16 hours.
So if you've long been undecided about which would suit you best -- a laser rangefinder or a GPS -- the Bushnell Hybrid gives you the best of both worlds at a price of $399.99. 
To learn more, visit
Shapland Bags
If you're a walker, a lightweight bag is a must. 
But if you play a lot of golf, chances are you're not going to get a whole lot of seasons out of your lightweight bag. The elements will get to it and break it down, and plus it'll take a beating bouncing around in the trunk. 
While there are plenty of cool, flashy looking, lightweight golf bags to choose from, the quality of such bags might mean you're in the market for a new one a lot sooner than you hoped.
That's where Shapland Bags, the brainchild of Henry Rowland, comes in. 
If you're looking for those loud colors that scream on the course, Shapland Bags aren't for you.
But if you want a beautiful, lightweight bag that oozes class is made from fantastic materials and will age like a fine wine, Shapland is for you.
Rowland says of his line, "This is the ultimate golf stand bag for the discerning golfer."
We can't argue with that. Shapland provides the serious golfer with a great-looking bag -- that also offers personalization options (think embroidered name, company logo, etc.) -- with a minimalist design, meaning it has just enough pockets for everything you need on the course, without giving you so many pockets that you overload the bag with everything you don't need on the course.
Weighing in at around 5 lbs., Shapland Bags have dual, adjustable shoulder straps for ultimate comfort. A premium leather trim gives the sophisticated bags an extra touch of class. 
The water-resistant bag is made from a Cordura nylon/cotton canvas and features a 4-way club divider, solid metal brass-plated hardware to connect the straps to the bag, a valuables pocket with keys/ring clip and a pocket for your GPS or rangefinder.
What we love most about the Shapland bag is that while it looks like a throwback -- again, void of those loud, popping colors -- with a more refined, simple look, it's still loaded with some of the best technology you can find in a bag today. 
Thanks to the materials used, it will age beautifully. 
Shapland Bags are available at in green, gray and navy, or green/brown, gray/brown and navy/brown for $390.
Royalty Putters
The putter. It's the most important club in the bag. 
Some of us have used the same putter for years -- maybe even our entre golf life.
Others of us have a garage full of putters with our latest flat-stick just one poor round away from joining the heap of the others that have misbehaved.  
Are you looking for a new putter that's going to catch eyes and -- more importantly -- give you the confidence to drop putts and take some coin off your buddies?
Well then you need to check out Royalty Putters by Bobby Bradley.
Bradley is a Long Drive professional and a former baseball player. So how the heck did that lead him down a path to make putters?
Easy -- just like the rest of us, he wanted to make more putts. What he had wasn't cutting it. He also wanted something that was supremely premium. With all the golf contacts at his disposal from being a competitor in the business, Bradley set out to make the most beautiful looking and performing putter that he could.
The specific offering we tried was the "STR8 Flush Diamond - Plumbers Neck."
Design-wise, Royalty isn't looking to re-invent the wheel. The "STR8 Flush Diamond" is has an Anser-style look.
But the materials used are what really make this putter pop.
Full Royal treatment went into developing this sate of the art putter, according to Bradley. Here's are the putter's particulars:
- 100% CNC milled from 303 stainless block
- Toe Hang Postion
- CNC Milled 6061 T6 Aerospace Grade Aluminum Sliver Anodized insert
- Scuff Durable DBM Finish
- Non-Glossy Diamondized Black Metal Finish
- Clean Blade Set Up
- Interchangeable Tungsten Weighting Screw
- Full Shaft Offset
The feel of the ball rolling off the Royalty putter is tremendous. And the non-glossy diamondized black metal finish just looks so sharp at address. 
You know when you look at a club -- putters especially -- and you just know you've got something special in your hands? That's what you get with a Royalty putter. It's a brand you may not be familiar with just yet, but believe us, they're not going to be a secret much longer.
Because of the materials used and the fact that Bradley is after the "premium" market, the putters come in at a price of $799.95 with an additional interchangeable weight kit (a great touch for when you want a lighter putter for faster greens and a heavier putter for slower greens) for $159.95.
That may seem like a hefty price tag, but if you're looking to jump into the premium end of the putter pool, you should definitely give Royalty a look.
You can learn more at
Sugarloaf Social Club Putter Covers
First of all, you might be wondering: What is "Sugarloaf Social Club?"
The short answer is that it's a society of people who play and love everything about golf -- from throwback clubs to architecture and everything in between -- that was started up by a group of college buddies who wanted to keep in "golf contact," so to speak, once college ended and they spread out around the country.
Well, that society/club, is quickly growing.
Ian Gilley, a founder of the Sugarloaf Social Club, is one of the brightest and most creative minds you'll ever meet. He's merged his passion for the game with his passion to build a brand.
The swag and collaborations -- Gilley worked with Callaway on the company's limited-edition coin for the Masters -- are brilliant. So much so that Gilley has a hard time keeping items in stock. They fly off the website.
The putter cover we checked out just screamed "Masters." It came in green and had dancing pimento-cheese sandwiches all over it, while lined with a beautiful tartan pattern. Just an awesome addition to your bag and a tremendous talking piece for those who ask: What's that?
Chances are if they're into golf as much as the folks behind Sugarloaf Social Club, they'll instead be asking: Where do I get one of those?!
There are loads of swag options at, including hats, driver covers, iron ferrules, shoe bags, belts and more. 
The pimento-cheese dancing putter cover sells for $76.
Dune Jewelry
If you've ever been on a great golf trip, you're always looking for a way to remember it. Maybe it's a nice photo to hang in the office of a favorite hole. Maybe it's a souvenir from the pro shop.
But what if you could literally have a piece of that incredible trip with you at all times?
Dune Jewelry has thought of just that. 
Dune Jewelry, the Original Beach Sand Jewelry Company handcrafts things like cufflinks, tie bars and so much more with sand and natural elements from your favorite beach, trail, ballpark, mountaintop, golf course and more.   
Handmade in the USA, they are the perfect time capsule for all of your travel adventures.  
Dune takes tangible pieces of a moment, a memory or a destination and incorporates them into artisan-crafted fine Experiential Jewelry, the customization opportunities are limitless. There are over 3,500 locations to choose from and you also have the option to send your own sand or element from a special vacation or adventure. 
Say, for instance, you had an unforgettable trip to Pinehurst. You can actually have cufflinks, a bracelet, necklace or tie bar filled with sand from that location to wear into the board room. 
Prices vary depending on the item, but this is a terrific way to remember those spectacular trips you never want to forget.
Learn more at
AMP Caddy Speaker
The game of golf is cooler than its ever been. 
It's got more of a relaxed, fun and welcoming vibe these days. 
One thing you're seeing a lot more of these last few years, is people enjoying music on the course. Not anything loud or obnoxious, but just enough to relax and set the tone.
Several companies offer speakers that you can attach to your bag for use on the range or the course and those are terrific.
But they don't work well if you prefer to ride in a cart. 
AMP Caddy came up with a solution for that. 
AMP Caddy is a golf-specific bluetooth speaker that mounts to your golf cart in seconds. It has a swivel for multi-direction movement providing better clarity and immersive sound with less volume.
Since the weather isn't always going to be perfect on the course, AMP Caddy is waterproof. With an 8-hour full battery charge, you'll have more than enough battery life to get you through even the longest rounds.
It'll mount to virtually anything inside and outside your house, too, so you don't have to use it exclusively on the golf course.
The AMP Caddy sells for $109.99 and is available at
Bixtar SL Golf Balls
New to the golf industry, Bixtar describes its golf balls as, "high quality balls for the everyday golfer."
What that means -- most of all for the everyday golfer -- is a quality golf ball you can purchase without getting hit hard in the wallet.
Bixtar balls are exceptionally soft for that touch you love around the greens without having to sacrifice distance. 
The two-piece ball features a 432 aerodynamic dimple design for in-flight stability with low/medium spin on drives and medium/high spin with iron shots. The Bixtar SL conforms with the USGA and R&A.
If you're looking for a quality golf ball that won't cost you the same price for a dozen as it costs for a round of golf, you might want to give these a spin.
The Bixtar SL is $19.95/dozen and can be purchased at
PEAKVISION GX5 Sunglasses 
Golf-specific sunglasses might be one of the great tools at your disposal that you're not actually using.
They're so beneficial that it's not uncommon to see Tour players wearing them even in inclement conditions.
If you're looking for a great, new pair this golf season, you might want to consider the GX5 from PEAKVISION.
The super-lightweight, half-rimmed frame is made from Grilamid TR90 that will insure it keeps its flex and strength so you never have to worry about them slipping off while looking down at that important putt.
With PEAKVISION's proprietary Zero-Distortion optics featuring patented Dual-Zone lens technology, the GX5 delivers the clearest, sharpest vision in both lighting extremes -- the bright sky versus the darker turf and terrain below the horizon.
You'll be able to see the slopes in the course better than ever while protecting your eyes from the sun at the same time.
The GX5 is available at