Arizona State takes first-round lead by one over Methodist in Jones Cup

By Randy Stutzman
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Arizona State University turned in an opening-round 20-over-par 308 Tuesday at PGA Golf Club's Wanamaker Course to grab the first-round lead in the 10th PGA Jones Cup presented by Golf Pride.
The Sun Devils hold a one-stroke lead over Methodist University, which totaled a 309. North Carolina State University and the University of Nebraska are tied for third at 312; while the University of Nevada-Las Vegas is in fifth at 313; and Florida State University is sixth at 314.
"Our guys played excellent," said Geoff Huston, PGA Golf Management University Program Director at Arizona State. "All our guys were under par in their qualifying scores at our school, so we were pretty confident coming in that we could play well. If we can get four scores under 75 tomorrow, we will be in good shape."
In the face of 18-mph swirling winds, Timmy Osterbind led the Sun Devils, collecting two birdies on his way to a 2-over-par 74.
Osterbind is excited about the opportunity his team has to win its first title.
"I know we have a strong team," said Osterbind. "I don't want to get cocky, but I knew if we all shot below 80 we had a real chance this week."
The low score of the first round was posted by North Carolina State's Ben Nelson, who used four birdies en route to a 73.
Florida State's Lauren Himebaugh of nearby Palm City, Fla., was the sole female competitor in the 100-player field, holding her own with an 83, despite the blustery conditions.
"I play with the guys in the Florida State Golf Management program all the time, so I am not really intimidated by playing with all the guys," she said. "I enjoy it - it's extra competition."
The 36-hole event, featuring all 20 schools in the PGA Golf Management University program, includes the top five players from each University.
The event brings together teams from 16 states, who are competing at PGA Golf Club for the fourth consecutive year.
The PGA Jones Cup presented by Golf Pride is named for the first PGA Golf Management University Program Director at Mississippi State University, Dr. S. Roland Jones, who held the position from 1985, until his passing in 1997.
The event serves to provide a platform where participants can display professionalism, integrity, character and camaraderie; all characteristics Dr. Jones instilled in PGA Golf Management students.
All participating universities in the PGA Jones Cup presented by Golf Pride are schools accredited by The PGA of America to offer the four-and-one half to five-year PGA Golf Management University Program for aspiring PGA Professionals. The college curriculum provides extensive classroom studies, internship experience and player development, and provides students the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills to succeed in the golf industry as a PGA Professional.
Students in the PGA Golf Management University Program study a combination of golf and business-related subjects, as well as serve a minimum of 16 months in on-course internships within the golf industry.
First-Round Scores
1. Arizona State 151-157--308
Timmy Osterbind 38-36--74
Jeffrey Emmerich 38-39--77
Reed Black 37-41--78
Yong Kim 38-41--79
Camden Herzog 43-39--82

2. Methodist 153-156--309
Alex Pisano 36-39--75
Bob Glass 37-40--77
Pat Hohman 40-38--78
Don Baldassare 40-39--79
Tyler Hawk 42-39--81

T3. North Carolina State 158-154--312
Ben Nelson 36-37--73
Bryce Aronson 42-34--76
Rupe Taylor 41-40--81
Wes Conover 39-43--82
Caleb Ridings 43-40-83

T3. Nebraska 157-155--312
Alex Beach 37-37--74
Derek Francios 37-39--76
Andrew Adamsick 41-40--81
John Erickson 42-39--81
Sam Jonell 42-43--85

5. UNLV 154-159--313
Cameron Alford 35-40--75
Stephen Dowling 39-39--78
Stan Bednarski 38-42--80
Sean Kenny 42-38--80
Daniel Inocencio 41-45--86

6. Florida State 165-149--314
Matt Frith 40-36--76
Reid Howey 43-35--78
Chris Zumpano 39-40--79
Dan Mahoney 43-38--81
Lauren Himebaugh 42-41--83

T7. Florida Gulf Coast 155-163--318
Jimmy Othus 35-39--74
Steven Burleson 38-39--77
James Paige 41-42--83
Marius Schweiger 41-43--84
Mike Leone 45-45--90

T7. New Mexico State 158-160--318
Brett Walker 38-38--76
Elliott Wilson 36-42--78
Casey Moen 41-40--81
Tyler Kuhn 43-40--83
Erick Henderson 43-42--85

T9. Campbell 161-160--321
Robert Bose 40-37--77
Charles Gross 40-41--81
Daniel Soehren 38-43--81
Brian Joyner 43-39--82
Jared Morrow 41-44--85

T9. Univ. of Colorado-Colorado Springs 162-159--321
Russell Einspahr 41-36--77
Eric Emmel 39-40--79
Travis Gruenenwald 40-40--80
Zach Brehm 42-43--85
Earl Gerlach 43-51--94

11. Ferris State 159-163--322
Zachary Ebnet 36-39--75
Chris Clifton 40-40--80
Jordan Mathers 42-40--82
Michael Dolan 41-44--85
Stephen Peurach 44-41--85

T12. Central Oklahoma 162-161--323
Justin Watkins 38-39--77
Matthew Vogel 41-39--80
Brandon Stewart 40-42--82
Adam Miller 43-41--84
Rhett Bouvia 47-43--90

T12. Coastal Carolina 159-164--323
John DiPilato 42-36--78
Kevin Sieger 39-41--80
Joe Mileur 39-43--82
Mark Ingalls 39-44--83
Nick Deni 42-42--84

T12. Eastern Kentucky 160-163--323
Trey Scott 39-35--74
Sean O'Daniel 40-40--80
Hank Whalen 41-43--84
Logan Duderstadt 40-45--85
Brett Roberts 45-46--91

T15. Maryland-Eastern Shore 166-158--324
Erik Carlson 38-39--77
Zach Allen 38-41--79
Devan Scott 43-38--81
Greg Raad 47-40--87
Chad Dailey 48-43--91

T15. Mississippi State 159-165--324
Blake Hatfield 37-40--77
Mark Ledom 39-42--81
Andrew Sterritt 42-40--82
Jay Hunter 41-43--84
Ryan Oliver 42-43--85

17. Sam Houston 159-166--325
Kyle Emerson 38-40--78
Austin Anderson 41-38--79
Michael Skiba 41-41--82
Scott Archer 39-47--86
Quinn Kauffman 41-45--86

18. Penn State 164-168--332
Erick Pringle 39-40--79
Andrew Hardin 39-41--80
Adam Parisi 43-42--85
Daniel Marz 43-45--88
Tyler Ferratti 42-47--89

19. Idaho 169-164--333
Nathan Ferrell 43-38--81
Cody Peters 42-40--82
Matt Montecucco 43-40--83
Loren Jeglum 41-46--87
Troy Clark 47-40--87

20. Clemson 171-174--345
Evan Shields 40-42--82
Brett Lascara 45-41--86
Chris Cerven 45-42--87
Ethan O'Malley 41-49--90
Drew Walters 46-48--94

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