Beef is wearing a Darth Vader T-shirt in his U.S. Open profile pic

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Andrew "Beef" Johnston has become a golf cult hero.  

Make no mistake, when the stocky Englishman with the thick beard and fantastic sense of humor tees off Thursday at Shinnecock Hills in Southampton, N.Y., for the 188th U.S. Open, he'll have plenty of fans on Long Island. 

The beauty of Beef is that he's about as comfortable in his own skin as any player in the world. The fans love him and he loves them back.

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In fact, we vividly remember when he played at Baltusrol in the 2016 PGA Championship. He was constantly taking selfies and signing autographs for anyone who asked and also give stuff away to the fans when he finished his final round.

So, it was no surprise that when we saw Beef's player profile photo on the U.S. Open website this week it was, well, Beef being Beef.

While most players teeing it up in a major might go for the clean-cut, conservative, no hat, polo shirt look for their respective profile photo, Beef instead had the flat-bill cap and a Darth Vader t-shirt:

Andrew Beef Johnston

You've got to love the guy.

Whether it's giving a tour of his "mansion" (you've really got to click to see what we're talking about), or tossing a club in a tournament and letting the photographer keep it, Beef is just the best.

And he makes for a great Halloween costume too.