Best Facebook posts from in 2016

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Best Facebook posts from in 2016

It has been a very fun year on the Facebook page. We’ve enjoyed sharing with you some of the best photos, videos and golf stories and interacting to better get to know your thoughts on the game and why you love it so much.

We laughed together as our favorite golfers did some hilarious things on the course. We cried together as we mourned the loss of one of the greatest golfers to play the game. And we did a lot of celebrating together as the US won its first Ryder Cup since 2008.

Let’s take a look back at some of the top moments of the year, as voted on by you, our Facebook followers through the act of liking, sharing and commenting on our posts.

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7. Rickie, Bubba, and Phil bring Ryder Cup trophy to Arnold Palmer memorial
In a touching tribute to The King, Rickie Fowler, Phil Mickelson and vice captain Bubba Watson escorted the Ryder Cup trophy to fellow Ryder Cup winner Arnold Palmer’s memorial service.



6. Jack Nicklaus unbelievable putt in 2010
We went back in time to relive one of the many great Jack Nicklaus moments on a golf course. This one consisted of Jack showing up Johnny Miller, who believed the putt in front of him from 100+ feet was impossible. And then this happened.



5. RIP Arnold Palmer
On September 25, 2016, the golfing world came to a halt as we received news that one of the greatest to ever play the game had died. We will always miss you, Arnie.


4. Reed vs. Rory highlights
Not much we can say about this one that isn’t said by watching the highlights again. You know you want to.



3. Team Europe invites fan to putt at Ryder Cup
It doesn’t happen often, but on occasion, athletes have the opportunity to make a heckler eat their own words and send them back to their seat with a big ol’ slice of humble pie. Rory McIlroy tried this tactic with a heckler on the putting green during a practice round at the Ryder Cup and put $100 on the line. Talk about your all time backfires.



2. Rory McIlroy and Patrick Reed at the Ryder Cup
Because you, our Facebook followers, appreciate good art, we present another clip from the insane Rory/Reed matchup.


1. Jim Furyk shoots a 58
For decades, golfers had chased the elusive 59. Jim Furyk had captured the glory of 59 once. But then he went and made history and raised the bar to 58. Will we see another 58 in a PGA Tournament again? Only time will tell.