A Quick Nine: Best golfers to follow on Twitter

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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Twitter is a great tool for many things. For sports nuts -- this writer included -- it allows you to get an inside look at the athletes we love watching so much on TV.

Thanks to Twitter, we often find out straight from an athlete's mouth what's going on with an injury, a bad round, a trade, etc.

And, as luck would have it for the golf world, there are many, many golfers among the best athlete's Twitter has to offer.

Take Jason Dufner for example. On the course, he's been referred to as, "a flat-liner," for his utter lack of emotion. He seems quiet and boring. On Twitter, however, his personality is second to none. He complains about calls in big games and pokes fun at fellow golfers (especially Keegan Bradley lately).

You'll read more about him shortly.

Personality -- that's what Twitter is all about.

This week, we asked our friends in Facebook Nation to answer the following: Who is your favorite golfer to follow on Twitter and why?

Here's a look at the top 9 answers we received.

9. John Cook. Cookie may not tweet as often as the others, but when he does it's well thought out. He addresses hot topics surrounding the game (anchoring, Rory's switch from Titleist to Nike) and gives his honest opinion.

You can follow John, @johncookgolf. His profile reads: PGA/Champions Tour. Ohio State Buckeyes, Analyst for Morning Drive on Golf Channel.

Facebook fan quotes:

"John Cook he is engaging and answers question. Most of the others only talk with other pro golfers." -- Michael Maddalena

8. Andres Gonzales. Unfortunately for all of us, Andres isn't tweeting nearly as often these days as he used to. He made Twitter fame for his onslaught of tweets to Tiger Woods as a rookie in 2011 that were downright hilarious.

Stuff like this (which's Rick Reilly included in a 2011 column):

"@TigerWoods my name is andresgonzales and I am a rookie on tour. I like elephants."

"@TigerWoods as you probably know, my birthday was this week. I believe you owe me a night around a campfire with songs and smores. Ttfn [ta ta for now]."

"Been awake since 3 a.m. @TigerWoods you awake yet? Let's chat."

"@TigerWoods You missed out last night on the bowling!"

You can follow Andres, @Andres_Gonzales. His profile reads: Half man, half amazing.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Andres Gonzales... Reminds me of a more conservative version of Kenny Powers! A Great follow." -- Tyler Van Der Voort

7. Hunter Mahan. Mahan is obviously a rabid sports fan (especially when it comes to the LA Lakers), often commenting on whatever the game of the day might be. He's also a big-time, sports-related re-tweeter.

You can follow Hunter, @HunterMahan.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Hunter Mahan is the real deal, honest and a genuine competitor." -- Norm Szakovits

6. Graeme McDowell. GMac is arguably the most engaging pro golfer with his fans on Twitter. He often answers questions directly, which his fans love.

You can follow Graeme, @Graeme_McDowell. His profile reads: Travelling the world playing a game I love. Doesn't get much better.

Facebook fan quotes:

"GMac -- He tweets like a normal guy and interacts with everyone." -- David Berg

"GMac because he is always tweeting with a cold one on one hand." -- Rob Clark

5. Bo Van Pelt. Van Pelt is another one of those guys who you might not think of as a clown based on his on-course demeanor. However, you'd be wrong. The guy is a clown. Take this recent example:

Darren Rovell, sports business guru for ESPN, tweeted that TaylorMade saw revenues rise by 20 percent in 2012.

Van Pelt quipped, "My 1st year on staff!"

You can follow Bo, @bovanpelt.

Facebook fan quotes:

"BVP!! He is a normal guy!!" -- Josh Brown

"@bovanpelt -- classy guy, fun to play a round with, gives generously of his time to charity events, and an Indiana Native. Not over hyped, a solid golfer who's just out making money the old fashioned way -- earning it!" -- Mike Daggett

4. Rickie Fowler. From culinary experiences, to commercial shoots, to asking followers which outfit he should wear on a given day, Fowler is extremely engaging with his fans.

You can follow Rickie, @RickieFowlerPGA. His profile reads: Instagram therealrickiefowler I get to play golf for a living... can't beat that!! Right Where I Want To Be.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Rickie." -- Kevin Cerosky

"Rickie for sure. He really lives the dream life if you watch his twitter and instagram, he's the man #GOTIME." -- Joshua Sage Parker

"Rickie Fowler because he one smooth dude." -- Gary Mckendry

3. Ian Poulter. The European Ryder Cup legend (yes, it's OK to call him a Ryder Cup legend at this point, even though he has plenty Ryder Cups ahead of him) is an open book on Twitter. He gives tours of his incredible palace, shows you pictures of his new cars, gives you a view from his luxury box at Orlando Magic games and so much more. Poulter was one of the first players to build a following on Twitter and he never disappoints.

You can follow Ian, @IanJamesPoulter. His profile reads: Global tour golfer, @ijpdesign Owner. Massive Arsenal fan and Orlando Magic fan. Love Cars, Most of all love my Family time.

Facebook fan quotes:

"@IanJamesPoulter tweets a lot, and has a great sense of humor." -- Susan Bettenbrock Appler

"Ian Poulter and Rickie Fowler. They are both great golfers, great dressers And both tell it how it is when need be. I love all the trash Poulter talks as well." -- Steve Mills

"Poulter, because he tweets some funny stuff." -- Christopher Brown

"Ian James Poulter... honest and real!" -- Fred Neergaard

"Ian Poulter, brutally honest and love the fact that every hack thinks they can beat him. Hilarious!" -- Michael Benavidez

2. Bubba Watson. The 2012 Masters champion tweets about everything from his golf game, to his son Caleb, to hanging out with his friends from the popular show Duck Dynasty.

You can follow Bubba, @bubbawatson. His profile reads: Christian. Husband. Daddy. Pro Golfer. Check out BubbaGolf on iTunes! #bubbagolf. #urwelcome!

Facebook fan quotes:

"Bubba. He's just #awesome." -- Cody Harvey

"Bubba... Because he's the funniest." -- David Williams

"Bubba because he is such an awesome person, husband and father as well as a unique golfer!" -- Angela Hildebrand Lohr

"Bubba 'I don't play golf for fame' Watson. That's what makes him the one I follow the most." -- Roy Lambert

"Bubba, he just mixed the PGA with Duck Dynasty!" -- Jacob Fuchs

"Bubba Watson. Why? One word: bubbaclaus!" -- Dan Pavlu

1. Jason Dufner. With hilarious takes on various sporting events and hilarious digs at players -- especially Keegan Bradley lately -- Dufner is one of the driest, funniest players tweeting these days. You'd never suspect it by his on-course demeanor, which no doubt makes his Twitter personality so much more enjoyable.

You can follow Jason, @JasonDufner. His profile reads: PGA TOUR pro and avid Auburn University fan.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Jason Dufner." -- Craig Miller

"Dufner!" -- Kris Schatzberg

"Dufner." -- Bennett Wisner

"Duff? Thanks for the reminder!" -- Mininho Chi

"Duff all day, he is one of a kind." -- Chad Skullivan

"Dufner! He keeps it real and is a funny follow!" -- Travis McGrath

"Dufner is also a great follow, especially when he is tweeting about his NFL wagers!" -- Tyler Van Der Voort

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