Best of Jimmy Walker’s space photos this year

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If you’ve spent some time on social media following guys on the PGA Tour, you’ll occasionally notice some out-of-this-world photos.

Yes, there are some great photographers on tour, but we literally mean photos outside of the planet Earth.

Jimmy Walker spends his days playing professional golf and winning PGA Championships and Ryder Cups. But when the sun goes down and the clubs get put away for the day, he turns to another passion of his — astrophotography. In fact, he has an entire website set up for his photography and it’s often featured by major astronomy groups.

Join us on a quick journey to the final frontier as we admire our favorite photos of Jimmy's from 2016:















The Iris Nebula new from Sierra Remote in California. This thing is amazing. I hope you all enjoy. Taken with the RCOS 16".

A photo posted by Jimmy Walker (@jimmywalkerpga) on



NHC 7635 The Bubble Nebula from SRO in Cali. Super Deep look into this. Hope you all enjoy. This is my latest.

A photo posted by Jimmy Walker (@jimmywalkerpga) on











Sword of Orion from Darkskywalker Observatory!!! I hope you all enjoy. This is pretty cool to do from home!! Planewave17"

A photo posted by Jimmy Walker (@jimmywalkerpga) on


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