Fall is the Best Season to Play Golf

By Jack Dillon
Published on
Fall is the Best Season to Play Golf

Fall is an amazing time of the year. 

The air gets a bit crisp, the colors become a true vision of wonder and joy.  The golf courses are in pristine shape - and they are not crowded!

It's time to just get out and play the game, full force, as often as you can before father winter graces us with his presence. Sure, there are an unlimited number of distractions that can get in the way including work, soccer, every other fall sport the family plays, college football, the NFL, high school football, and family responsibilities. Just a few distractions. 

But making the time for golf is worth it. Fall is a beautiful time of year. Find the time. 

Make dates to play 18 or even 9 with the family, friends, people from work, or the club.  Grab the joy while you can.  Go find (or acquire) a few fall outfits, sweaters, and maybe even a hand warmer.  Find the bit of time each week to take that joyous walk around the green grass and swing away.  You will hit a few good ones, a few poor ones too. But more importantly, is about how playing golf makes you feel. You will be glad you invested the time.

If you have the chance to take the kids, grandkids or friends for 9, do that as often as you can.  Talk about having fun with no regrets.  All you need to do is find the joy that will be evident on their faces and hear the laughter. Now that is a round of golf.

Allow yourself time this season to swing away at least 3 times a month.  There are dozens of reasons not to.  Do it anyway.

Go out and play the game!