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By John Kim, Coordinating Producer
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It's one of our favorite topics every year – and every year, the answers get better and better.

One of the great joys of golf is that you never know who you're going to meet on the golf course. Some of the biggest names in sports, news and entertainment love golf just like you. And weeks like this, at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, the "Am" is often a bigger name than the "Pro" in the group. So that has us thinking, if you could fill out your foursome with any celebrity (bonus if they are actual golfers), who would you pick? We asked our Facebook nation and, of course, you didn't disappoint. Here are your top responses.

9. Charles Barkley: The NBA legend and current NBA on TNT analyst has also made a name for himself on the golf course. Not necessarily the type of name you want – but it's doubtful anyone loves the game more than he does. What a great time he would be for a day on the links.

Zack Potts  - Charles Barkley... and body armor. 
Jim Fathead Elkin - Barkley?!!! I'd feel great bout my game..... Lol

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8. Peyton Manning: The Denver Broncos quarterback can take some solace after the Super Bowl by knowing his name came up a few times for this list. Manning sports a 4.6 index out of Castle Pines, so he's definitely going to help the group play better.

Keegan Schaal - peyton manning
Paul Ollis - Peyton Manning

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7. Holly Sonders: The Golf Channel broadcaster is a popular pick because of her accurate drives, deft short game and a putting stroke that never misses inside 10 feet. Or maybe other reasons.

Jim Curley - Holly Sonders...not even close.
Frank Woolf - Depends what Holly Sonders is wearing
Mark Jancze - It would have to be Holly Saunders! (*sp)

6. Kate Upton - See Sonders, Holly.

Jason Newsome - Kate Upton: She plays, gets lessons from the King
Bradley Smith - Kate Upton

5. Donald Trump: The billionaire businesman has a pretty sharp golf game and owns a few of the best courses in the world to boot. Yeah, he'd be a welcome addition to the group (just don't bet him, he probably has more money than you.)

Henry Klein - Donald Trump
Art Pollard - The Donald or Clint Eastwood would be on the short list

4. Alice Cooper: The heavy metal rocker, who makes no secret of his devotion to the game, has a legion of fans devoted to him and that would love to tee it up with him some time.

Terry Eklund - Alice Cooper
Brian Caulfield - Alice Cooper
Jim Ward - Alice Cooper

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3. Rice (Jerry, Condoleeza): Perhaps cheating here by including two people (same name, though, right?). But both proved to be popular picks – and why not? Jerry Rice is not only the greatest wide receiver of all time, but he's a scratch golfer who has competed in professional tour events. (He also won "Big Break: NFL" in 2013). Condoleeza Rice is the former Secretary of State, current faculty member at Stanford, good golfer – and happens to have a membership at Augusta National. (And she could invite you ... could.)

Sean Claycamp - Condoleeza Rice 
Nancy B. Ayers - Jerry rice
Sean Lamb - Jerry Rice.
Billy Sica - Jerry Rice!! 
Art Pollard - Condeleeza Rice, because she could get me on to Augusta National as her guest.

2. Bob Barker: The famed host of The Price is Right, is an avid golfer and may have made his mark on the game with one unforgettable fight scene in the movie "Happy Gilmore". He showed his natural sense of humor and love of golf – hard to beat that in a playing partner.

Spencer Smith BOB BARKER!
Scott Sandberg The price is wrong b*@ch...... Gotta go w Bob Barker!!

1. Bill Murray: Really, Facebook nation?  Carl Spackler gets the most votes? No points for originality. But honestly, who can argue this pick? For the upteenth year in a row, congrats to the most famous greenskeeper of all time. Again, he's the people's choice for "most wanted to join in their foursome."  Nice work Mr. Murray. Oh, there's no prize. But when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness. So you got that goin' for you, which is nice.

Bob Bransdon - Bill Murray. Not sure the golf would be great but it would be real hoot !!
Michael Adams - Bill Murray, no question
Scot McConnor - Bill Murray. Chive On
Paul Priebe -  Got to have Bill Murray ... guard your flower beds

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