Before you change putters like Tiger Woods, here’s why you should get fitted

By Brendon Elliott
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Before you change putters like Tiger Woods, here’s why you should get fitted

The Arrow or the Indian?

Attention! The Big Cat has entered the arena with a new weapon... hurry kiddos! Rush on out and get your mallet putters today!

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Or maybe; not so fast...

Many times, the latest and greatest in technology from an equipment standpoint can create a buzz throughout the golf industry. And, at other times, a superstar player, such as Tiger Woods this week, can put a new club into play and create an even bigger buzz.

What we rarely see or hear about is the time, testing and thought that goes into major decisions such as Tiger going to his new putter this week. What we only usually catch is the action of the new club being put into play by the superstar player and then the masses of fans running off to the store to get that same stick.

When it comes to equipment changes, at the highest professional level or even down to a junior player moving to “adult” clubs, certain things need to be considered. Without getting too much into the technical side of equipment and what is recommended for certain player tendencies, I will say this: going and getting a proper club fitting from a certified fitter is a key component to getting the right equipment for you and your own unique fingerprint of a game. Doing the research on your own or making decisions based on the sexy factor of what may be in your favorite tour professionals bag is surely a way to have a garage filled with multiple bags of missed matched clubs. Not to mention the costs associated with making buying decisions based on a feeling verses facts and data that a good club fitting session could provide.

Once you find what is right for you, the process of transitioning into your new set, wedge or putter is the next part of the equation. Becoming comfortable and then confident with an equipment change may take some time. Only through a proper fitting and a commitment to the process of putting new clubs into play will the end result you desire come to fruition.

What we know is Tiger has a new putter in the bag this week. What we did not see was the time and testing that surly went into this decision. Only time will tell how this will play out for the former world number 1 but more than likely, he is committed to the process.

Before you make an equipment change, take my advice: Get a proper fitting, make an educated purchase and then commit to the process of transitioning into the new equipment.

Enjoy the journey! 

Brendon Elliott is a PGA Professional in Central Florida. He is the owner of Little Linksters, LLC, the Little Linksters Golf Academy @ Wekiva Golf Club and is the founder of the Little Linksters Association for Junior Golf Development (501c3). In addition, he is an Instructor and Director of Career Development at the Golf Academy of America in Orlando.

He is the winner of 20 plus prestigious awards for his work in youth golf including the 2017 PGA National Youth Player Development Award, US Kids Top 50 Master Kids Teacher and the GRAA's Top 50 Growth of the Game Professionals, Elite.

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