Charles Barkley's swing is actually looking pretty good

By Dan McDonald
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Charles Barkley's swing is actually looking pretty good

The name Charles Barkley and the word golf together usually bring a grimace or a chuckle from many golfers.

The Emmy Award-winning analyst on TNT's Inside the NBA has battled through more than his fair share of swing problems that would send most of us back to the couch.

However, through all those struggles -- the Hank Haney lessons, the one-handed swings, the laughter by fans in the gallery -- it appears Sir Charles has had a breakthrough this year at the American Century Celebrity Championship.

While it's still not the powerful swing of Tiger Woods or the silky smooth swing of Ernie Els, it's a thing of beauty compared to some of the swings we've seen from Chuck.



Here's another look at his new cross-handed shot:



During his second round, he managed to escape the rough, hit a tree, get the members bounce and set up a birdie putt (missed the putt, made his first par of the tournament).



Later in the round, he showed some incredible touch with this pitch shot over the water.


Then again, some of the old Barkley swing reared its not-so-pretty head on Sunday, when Sir Charles decided to go one handed.

Here's a reminder of what it has looked like in the past. Keep on swinging, Chuck!