Check Your Specs

By Jack Dillon
Published on
Check Your Specs

So, you've been practicing and playing a lot? Well then it sounds like you should be bringing your best game to the course.

Whether you're coming back to the game after an extended break, an off season or just time away, you're  back hitting those irons crisp and straight. Well then, where do you take your game from here? What can you tweak and go even lower?

Here's an idea: have your PGA or LPGA Professional review do a quick check-up on your swing and review your equipment specs. Keeping great basic fundamentals will help you consistently shoot scores that you will appreciate. 

Once you set an appointment with your Professional, you should do a quick checklist of your gear. While your teaching professional will help guide you, here's a basic list to address:

  • Replace your grips
  • Check and adjust all lofts and lies
  • Do a quick assessment of your numbers on a swing monitor

By going through this quick checklist, your clubs will feel like new and you can have the confidence to hit the shots you feel you should be making. And if your numbers are telling a different story, then maybe it's time to speak with your PGA Professional on adjusting your clubs specs, shaft selection or even club choices. The right spin rate on your driver is critical to distance. The right angles on your irons ensures no coverage gaps as you hit your approach shots. 

When you are swinging well, the right specs will enhance your confidence and your game.