A Quick Nine: College football coach you'd most like to play golf with

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Some of our staff were able to check out some of college football's top coaches in the Chick-fil-A Bowl Coaches Challenge at Reynolds Plantation on Monday in Greensboro, Ga.

Nick Saban, Steve Spurrier, Urban Meyer and Frank Beamer were among those who took part, just to name a few.

That got us thinking -- college football fans might be the most rabid kind of fan you can find. With that, we wanted to know: What college football coach would you most want to play a round of golf with?

We posed that question to the nearly 180,000 strong in Facebook Nation. Here are the top answers we received:

9. Charlie Weiss, head football coach at the University of Kansas (formerly the head coach at Notre Dame).

Facebook fan quote:

"Charlie Weiss to talk about the Fighting Irish and the New England Patriots!" -- Seamus M

8. Brian Kelly, head football coach at Notre Dame.

Facebook fan quote:

"Brian Kelly. Go Irish!" -- Mikey Roeser

7. Bobby Bowden, former head football coach at Florida State.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Bobby Bowden without a doubt. Go Noles!" -- Brett Schneggenburger

6. Mark Richt, head football coach at the University of Georgia.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Mark Richt, because he's a man of the Lord!" -- Mark Morrison

"Mark Richt! Go Dawgs!" -- Kelvin Smith

"Mark Richt without a doubt!" -- Marty Hubbs

5. Urban Meyer, head football coach at Ohio State.

Facebook fan quote:

"Urban Meyer because go Bucks!" -- Mark Zahnle

4. Nick Saban, head football coach at Alabama.

Facebook fan quote:

"We got to warm up with Nick Saban last Thursday at the Rise Foundation Tournament, and Jackie Sherrill also showed up while warming up. We got some great pics, and Coach Nick played right behind us -- as good as it get without being in the cart with 'em." -- Tommy P Reeves

3. Mack Brown, head football coach at the University of Texas.

Facebook fan quote:

"Mack Brown... such a great recruiter. Like to pick his brain on how he builds those relationships and builds trust in those kids/families and finds that talent year after year." -- Toby Poole

2. Les Miles, head football coach at Louisiana State University.

Facebook fan quotes:

"I would love to join Les Miles in a round of golf! I'm a BIG LSU fan and would enjoy the company!" -- Nick Johnson

"Les Miles so I can know what type of grass I'm playing on. And so I can watch him chew the grass." -- Dexter Turner

1. Steve Spurrier, head football coach at the University of South Carolina.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Without a doubt the HBC, Steve Spurrier. Heisman Trophy winner, Pro Football player/coach, National Championship College Football Coach, Head Coach University of South Carolina, and single-digit handicapper, not to mention I could challenge my hip replacement against his knee replacements." -- Mark Morrell

"The HBC... Steve Spurrier... I could personally thank him for all he has done for my Gamecocks. Explain to him how lucky we are to experience what other Gamecock fans before us didn't get to experience. WINNING. Gamecocks 4 Life." -- Michael Green

"I was lucky enough to play with the old ball coach when he was the head coach of the Redskins. He was great to play with. Good player, competitive and he rooted for all the guys in our foursome. Great day!" -- Vance Welch  

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