Dave Pelz tells story of time Phil Mickelson hit flop shot over his head

By T.J. Auclair
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Dave Pelz tells story of time Phil Mickelson hit flop shot over his head

There's no player in golf who is more fearless when it comes to hitting a flop shot than Phil Mickelson. That's just a fact.

Dave Pelz, noted short game guru, had the scare of his life a number of years ago at the Colonial and tonight on Golf Channel's School of Golf, he's going to relive it all for our entertainment.

You probably remember how it went down...

Pelz introduces Lefty, praises his incredible short game and then Phil -- ever the entertainer -- places a ball on the ground and has Pelz stand 3 feet in front of it.

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From there, Mickelson insists that Pelz -- well over 6 feet tall -- not move.

Then, with a long, aggressive swing, Mickelson hits the sweetest flop shot right over Pelz's head.

It's not a new story, but Pelz's line at the end of this teaser was fantastically quintessential Mickelson: "At the time, I ask him, 'Well, listen, that was really neat. My heart was in my throat when I saw your backswing. How many times have you done that before?' Swear to God. Phil Mickelson looked me in the eyes and he said, 'Well, I've never done it over a real person before.'"


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