Discover the Game ... and love it for life

By Daryl Batey, PGA
Published on
Discover the Game ... and love it for life

Get Golf Ready is undoubtedly one of the best programs the golf industry has implemented in many years.  It is a fun, inexpensive and non-intimidating way to get introduced to the game of golf.  The price point varies by market, but most programs start at $99 per person for 5 lessons and you don’t even need equipment! You can borrow it from the host facility.  And, what’s more, you’ll actually get out on the golf course with your instructor to play.

In Get Golf Ready, you have an opportunity to learn all the basics of the game with friends, family or co-workers which makes the learning environment great. You will also make new golfing friendships that have the potential to last a lifetime.  

After completing your first Get Golf Ready class, you will likely have made a “golf buddy” or two and have someone to continue learning this great game with. 

Often times the PGA or LPGA Professional where you took your class may establish Get Golf Ready leagues or provide tee times for students who completed the Get Golf Ready classes in order to give them an opportunity to play at a time when it is not too busy on course and you can enjoy yourselves in a no pressure environment. These rounds of golf may not necessarily consist of 9 or 18 holes. They may just be three holes using a scramble format which is fun for the entire group and allows you to potentially play more holes in a given amount of time. These types of playing opportunities are sure to increase your comfort level on the golf course, so ‘get golf ready’ today!  The joys of the game await you.